5 Best PS4 Pro & Slim Deals On Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

When you first get the PS4 Pro it will be a little difficult to tell the difference between the eject button and the power button. The power button also acts as a replacement for the color-changing LED strip that adorned the most notable PS4 model. Ten pin-size LEDs glow white when it’s powered on, and orange if it is in standby mode. When the machine is off, they switch off completely. I thought the launch model s strip was just a little much; meanwhile, the brand new power button conveys similar information in a less obnoxious way. I am a fan.

Above these buttons is a slot-loading Blu-ray drive. The console also has two USB 3.0 connections, one next to the optical drive and the other near the system’s side. On the left side of the console is a threaded hole half way between front and back. This pipe fits in an eyebolt on the right that allows for mounting vertically. Around back are the ports for the energy cable, stereo sound from another device via HDMI or optical audio, a PlayStation Camera insert slot, and an Ethernet jack.

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One of the disappointments when it comes to Sony’s new PS4 Pro is that it does not output 4K video.

Sony has provided easy access to the hard drive enclosure, which you can upgrade when necessary. The included 500GB hard drive is adequate for some time, but it may not be enough for buyers who use their console for multimedia storage. The PS4 Pro Slim looks like a pretty standard console, but there are some neat little details that Nintendo fans would appreciate.

The rubber feet at each corner of the Slim’s case are different shapes reminiscent of the game system’s face buttons and controller button scheme: triangle, circle, square and X. The PlayStation emblem is on display in the

Any internal changes made to the PS4 Pro Slim are likely minimal on a day-to-day basis, but Sony claims power consumption has been reduced by an outstanding 34%. This is clearly a significant change, and you are not likely to notice any difference in performance. Load speeds on Doom and Uncharted 4: A Thief s End remained lethargic, but I didn t hear the fan kick into overdrive just how it can on my launch model.

Sony has addressed the issues with the original PS4 by upgrading to 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. The wireless standards used in the older console will not be present in their new Slim model, meaning that download speeds are on par across both wired and wi-fi networks. Uploads If you’re likely to play Street Fighter V or some Star Wars: Battlefront online, then a wireless connection would be ideal. But if all you want is to download a few games and aren’t physically near a router, then one without wireless capability should not matter much-if at all.

-Product Dimensions
-Player Specs
-System Memory (RAM)
-Internal Storage Capacity and Tech Geekery!

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The controller

The DualShock 4 controller is among the best gamepads ever, but its batteries are awful. When images of a revamped console started surfacing along with leaks of the Slim model itself, I hoped we d be getting yourself an energy-efficient gamepad or one with a bigger battery. The controller bears the label “800mAh”, which is identical to that of the first PS4 Pro. It seems like an oversight on Sony’s part not to have incorporated a more powerful battery, especially when you consider the changes Microsoft made to its Xbox One S controller in order to make up for some shortcomings with their original model.

Many people believe the ps4 pro slim review is superior because of small aesthetic improvements. Sticks on joysticks and buttons for share and zoom in/out feel more fluid, which improves their responsiveness when compared to standard sticks and buttons. The shoulder buttons and d-pad on the console are slightly different, with a matte finish instead of gloss. The touch points are also gray (which comes in handy!).

The touchpad, of the new slim PS4 Pro, has a lightbar color indicator on the top edge. This lets you see what color your controller s lightbar is at any time without turning it over and showing others that you are playing. I found that the controller s lighting was subtle enough to not distract me from playing Doom. The sensor for the top light could barely be seen when turned off, and I couldn t even tell where in fact it came through the back of the controller.

One of the biggest changes, however, is that the DualShock 4 will now transmit data over USB. For those who count animation frames in Street Fighter or do competitive gaming this is a large deal since it eliminates lag between your controller and the console. But if you’re playing a single player game like Darksiders 2 or Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, you’ll likely see very little improvement in your graphics performance.

The competition

When comparing the PS4 Slim to other gaming consoles, it’s difficult not to compare with the Xbox One S. The revamped Xbox One has been on sale for the last month starting at $299, and includes an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive and support for HDR. The Xbox One S is a far greater value in pure specs. That UHD drive future-proofs you, and it’s hard to dismiss an Xbox regardless of whether or not your TV doesn’t have 4K.

Movies are a factor, but it is the games that produce or break a gaming console. If you wish to play Gears of War, Forza Motorsport and Halo, or catch through to a raft of Xbox 360 backward-compatible titles, the Xbox One S may be appropriate for you personally. But if you re not interested in gaming, then buy a PS4 Slim. If 4K output and UHD Blu-ray drive are important to you, wait until the next month when the release of PS4 Pro The Pro will cost $399 versus the Slim at $299

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The PS4 Slim is an excellent console. It’s smaller and quieter than the standard PS4 that was launched in 2013. The addition of 5GHz WiFi is highly welcome, but there’s no UHD Blu-ray drive which makes it a hardcore sell against the comparably priced Xbox One S. If you can hold on until November and sock away another $100 for the PS4 Pro, then do it.