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All-In-One DJ controllers have always suffered from the uncanny valley syndrome. Despite physically resembling two CDJs and a mixer, they never really felt like standard issue club setup. Pioneer has a great reputation for their CDJ range, as well as accompanying DJM mixers. Now they are faced with the task of creating a convincing controller to match. Pioneer DJ’s previous attempts to enter the controller market were less than ideal. They tended to cram too many features into their products, which skewed more from a CDJ/DJM design aesthetic that was popular among professional DJs. However, by taking more direct cues from their top-of-the-line models, the price of this product is much cheaper than a club feel.

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This being a dedicated rekordbox controller, you will not find any touchscreen or ports on the top-plate to play your USB sticks. You will have to connect a laptop to play your music, but it additionally works as a standalone mixer in case you decide to hook up turntables or other media players. The Pioneer DDJ-1000 is accompanied by the company’s own brand of DJ software, rekordbox. The software was a bit clunky in its first few iterations but has been improving steadily since release. It’s not quite as clean and stable as Serato’s Scratch Live, but for home use you should have no complaints.

As long as you have to rely on the screen when browsing through tracks, that is the only time you’ll need to take your eyes off the machine. You scroll through playlists with rotary encoders lifted from another device in Pioneer DJ’s CDJ-2000 range. Pioneer took into account about how the xdj-1000 controller is used and made changes to make this process easier for DJs. One of those considerations, for example, was giving each player its own encoder so that tracks don’t need to be set up individually as with some controllers. This improves workflow and simplifies things a bit while also helping consolidate One potential improvement is to use the LCD screens on the jogwheel for navigation during browsing.

From the box, all of the information displayed on each one of these jogwheels might be overwhelming. However, you can eliminate any information you find superfluous by using rekordbox to do so. Initially, Cue Scope appeared to be completely pointless while using Pioneer DDJ-1000. It became helpful though as the waveform overview is really small and doesn’t accurately show where in fact the cue point will hit.

The jogwheels in this model are the same as those found on the CDJ-2000NXS2, and they ̵thus feature a level of accuracy not found elsewhere. They ‘re really neat because it’s clear that Pioneer is aware that familiarity breeds confidence; having a familiar design like this on your controller goes Pioneer, in its quest to provide a high-quality DJ set on the market, has sought out to integrate the features of both a CDJ and a DJ player for increased effectiveness. Swapping back and forth between either unit will not be an issue since all of your favorite controls are reservable elsewhere on the DDJ-1000.
As far Pioneer’s new DDJ-1000 controller has six buttons that let you search and navigate through the various modes and pages.

Hot Cues are a familiar concept to many, and generally work similarly on the DDJ-XP1 as they do on the CDJ line. Hot Cues pre-assigned in rekordbox arrive when you load a track, but it is possible to punch in or remove cues at any time if you so choose. One feature not used to me is the option of Gate Playback for Hot Cues (I’ve only had the opportunity to understand this on CDJs by tethering to a notebook computer and using HID Mode). When Pioneer introduced the DDJ-1000, they developed a feature called Touch Play to enable on each of its six Hot Cue points. When a track is paused, by touching any Hot Cue pad you would be able to hear that exact section only as long as you hold the pad down. When released, the pad jumps the track back to the Hot Cue point. This is a nice option that offers new possibilities for an experienced user of Hot Cues.

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The PadFX1 and FX2 features offer you immediate control over 32 pre-assigned effects. Naturally, you have the choice of assigning effects to pads nevertheless, you wish via rekordbox. The consequences themselves have huge variations from glitchy transform and slip loop functions to beatmatched filter sweeps and turntable brake emulations. Pioneer DJDA 1000

Beat Jump provides a means to jump ahead or behind the current sequencer location. Beat Loop, which is accessed via Shift-pressing the Beat Jump button, plays only predefined loops with increased volume when selected. There are two extra, gimmicky modes. The Keyboard setting allows you to pitch a cue point by semitones with whichever pad is pressed. Key Shift also transposes the track’s pitch but without going back to the last place that was cued during each press of a button.

On the mixer section alone, there are four Sound Color FX and Beat FX pulled from the hottest DJM models of today. Every channel features an independent knob for that Sound Color FX. Just like in some of our favorite DJ setups, you can add the Beat FX to any channel, such as mic and sampler channels–hellip; It’s a shame there is no parameter control for the Sound Color FX. This was finally possible with the DJM-2000NXS2 — Pioneer Roland unveiled their new mixer, adding sound color fx has been made available also in this powerful mixer Though it seems there is less of this high resonance bite to the filter on the DDJ-1000.

There are also four new Beat FX effects to explore. Low Cut Echo is nearly identical to Echo, but with a low-cut filter that keeps the sound from being too intense. The other three, Enigma Jet, Mobius Saw and Mobius Tri, all take a different look at Shepard Tone – an auditory illusion where the sound appears to constantly Rather than being viewed as tacky, I could see them being used as a new group of tools for start DJs.

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Pioneer ddj 1000
In the Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000, switching between virtual decks on rekordbox software offers simultaneous playback across all channels by just using the physical turntables. This offered a refreshing change from previous models which limited one to two concurrent outputs with only four decks at most. I never found I needed more than two decks at the same time. Settling for a smaller, cheaper two-channel unit would have been preferable for someone who wants to mix tracks together as well. This Pioneer DDJ will work with both turntables and CD players for performance.

Though these criticisms are made up of mostly nitpicking, the DDJ-1000 might be the closest thing you ll find to a club-standard setup at a fraction of the purchase price. With its look, layout and several features taken directly from the CDJ and DJM ranges, there is not an improved alternative. Pioneer have recently released the pad-heavy DJS-1000 sampler and the successful implementation of pads on their DDJ-1000, perhaps they are getting ready to introduce them to ‘CDJs’ too. Pioneer DJ has pioneered the way to future-proof your music with their first ever professional digital musical controller: The DDJ-1000.