5 Best Longboards Black Friday Deals On Amazon 2021

Longboards have grown in popularity in recent years and as a shape of skateboarding, they’ve gained their own diversity. However, for first-time buyers it is hard to find the right type among the numerous brands, lengths and parts.

1 Introduction
2 Types of Longboards
3 How to Ride a Longboard.

Best Longboards Black Friday Deals On Amazon 2021

The best longboards should be at the top of your priority list when shopping for one. If you’re looking for something basic, these are perfect starter boards! What are Longboards


There are three main styles of longboarding: cruising, dancing, and slalom. Your ideal longboard will depend on the riding style you prefer.

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The best longboards are commuting boards because they allow a user to effortlessly glide along paved or hard-packed surfaces. Commuters typically prefer to avoid walking as much as possible, but that person is then left without much of a fun board for easy leisure riding. As such, people who want both types of boards often choose to buy them separately. Longboards are designed to be ridden over long distances, which is why they have a stiff deck, loose trucks and hard wheels.

Longboards offer a unique experience unlike other skateboards since their decks are taller and give the rider more stability so you can go further without tiring out as easily.

Longboards come in many shapes and sizes which makes them capable of absorbing shock when they’re flipped sideways.

Longboards are created to feel just like surfing on land. They’re not designed for running at high speeds or for doing tricks, but they’ll give you a great longboarding experience.


If you were ever a skateboarder who hung out in the skate park all day, then there could be some chance that you also aspire to master longboarding. This longboarding style mainly pertains to performing tricks on boards. Sliding is one category of tricks that freestyle longboards usually have. Most boards have a low deck to initiate slides, although there are some exceptions.

The longboard is a versatile piece of equipment that I like to use with dancing. One example of a trick would be crossing your legs over the board and spinning on the length, for instance, from one end to another. As the most complex style of longboarding, dancing is often reserved for advanced riders.

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These longboards, which are often faster than regular skateboards, have a longer and lower deck for added stability. If you require some inspiration, search for the fastest somebody has ever gone on a longboard. They clocked him at over 80 mph.

Downhill longboards are designed for going fast which means you have to make a few adjustments. Their stiff deck and low clearance to the bottom makes these boards perfect for speed. Start off on a stiff deck or drop down board to help you build your skills.

Going downhill with a longboard is considerably more difficult than cruising or freestyle boards, but the bottom line is you do get what you pay for. By investing in a higher-quality board, you can avoid the frustration of getting injured and ruining your day or worse breaking the board.

Exactly what is a longboard?

Longboards are essentially longer skateboards. Seems straightforward enough, right? Longboarding has evolved from traditional skateboarding with riders who realized that they did not just want to do tricks. These riders wanted to go fast.

To help achieve so, the longboard was created. Longboards can be found in lengths from 30-45 inches and usually the longer the board is, the more stable and faster it will go.

The deck, the trucks, and the wheels make up a longboard.

Building your own Longboard/Shopping for Parts

One of the main aspects in longboarding is the selection of board and parts. To invest in a complete board, you need to have all the basics: good trucks, good wheels, and an excellent deck as a base for these components. When you purchase an individual longboard, there are different parts that in conjunction offer specific capabilities. If the terrain is your preference then custom trucks will be needed to go fast downhill or for turn-around corners. Or if the sliding is more your style, look for tires that have a different pattern and allow you the flexibility of control while carving on wide turns.

Longboards are made up of many different parts and there are always a lot of alternatives when it comes to choosing them. I’ll go into detail about each section and you can ask any questions through the contact page.

Building a longboard is more complicated than it looks and requires an understanding of what you want out of your board.

Longboard Decks

The longboards are purposely designed to allow riders’ feet to be secured inside the board while in motion. These boards typically have a grip tape on the deck that provides stability even during fast-paced riding, while also providing traction for smoother rides.

Board Shape: Directional vs. Symmetrical

One of the most important factors when choosing a longboard is its shape. It dictates whether you can ride it only forwards or backwards.

Deck Style

The shape of the deck is a vital factor to consider when searching for the best skateboard in order to ensure it suits your individual needs. A long board’s height and width dictates its stability, how easily you are able to push on flat ground, and how well it can turn.

Generally, the greater off the bottom a board is with respect to its size, the less stable and more difficult it will be to push. The tradeoff is that higher longboards typically are more conducive to carving than lower ones.

There are four different deck styles, which I will discuss. For reference, the truck style identifies how the truck is attached to the longboard deck and its position relative to where in fact you stand.

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Longboard Wheels

Longboard wheels will be the last major consideration when longboarding. They are not as important as the deck and truck, but they should inspire a smooth ride.

To understand how different wheels affect your choice of a longboard, you should be aware of the 2 main characteristics: diameter and durometer.

The wheel size you purchase for your board determines how fast it can go. Wheels are usually between 64 and 80mm in diameter, with 70 being the most popular size.

Longboards typically have a tendency to take more time to reach top speeds but have better performance across smoother roads.

Since the wheel will ride on the front of the board, it is imperative that you ensure it will fit your own longboard. However, longboards without wheel cutouts need a riser pad to enable