Leo Longevity Death: How Did He Die?

On January 30, 2023, Leo Rex, the host of the YouTube channel Leo and Longevity, was found dead in a Thai apartment. 

The YouTuber, whose real name was Laith Abdallah Algaz, was discovered face down in the bathroom wearing only a black shirt with blood leaking from his mouth and face.

The cause of Leo’s death is unknown, and the autopsy results are still awaited.

Who is Leo Rex?

Laith Abdallah Algaz, or Leo Rex as fans knew him, had built up a following through his unique takes on men’s health matters – from bodybuilding techniques to nicotine.

Algaz’s channel, Leo And Longevity, has over 130,000 subscribers. His content typically offers unorthodox advice on bodybuilding, supplements, and penis enlargement but repeatedly clarifies that he is not a medical expert.

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Leo Longevity’s Death Investigated for Possible Foul Play by Authorities

The cause of his death is unknown, and authorities caution the public against jumping to conclusions. Police Captain Sombat Kawmulsuk has urged people to wait for a complete examination before drawing any conclusions.

After discovering his body, authorities took Leo to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for an autopsy. They also discovered various drugs in his apartment, including antidepressants, cannabis, sleeping pills, anxiety tablets, and steroids. These findings have raised more questions about the circumstances surrounding his death.

A video obtained by The Daily Mail shows the room in which Leo was found in disarray; clothes were littered everywhere, and most cabinets were left open. It appears that someone had ransacked the room. Police are investigating the possibility of foul play in Leo’s death, given the state of the room.

Police Captain Sombat has stated that they will be interrogating Leo’s friends and a woman who had stayed with him before his death. The disarray in the room suggests that someone else may have been with him before he died or that Leo was in distress somehow.

According to Leo’s friend, Aicha Humera Rattanaphan, he lived alone and didn’t have many visitors. Leo reportedly spent most days smoking cannabis and using his computer, leaving investigators with even more questions about his death.

Did Drugs Cause Leo Longevity’s Death?

The Daily Beast reported a suspicious death of a YouTuber named Leo, whose body was discovered by Tony Hughes at his apartment. The police estimated that Leo died around five hours before they arrived, but Hughes speculated that he died about three days prior.

Hughes visited Leo’s apartment after failing to reach him, and he discovered the body with the help of a spare key. According to Leo’s friend, Aicha Humera, the door was locked. After finding the body, Hughes released a video claiming that he thought Leo had taken sleeping pills and assumed he slept for 24 hours. However, he became more suspicious as time passed, thinking Leo might have gone on vacation.

Hughes tried to open the bathroom door but couldn’t because Leo’s body blocked it. He denied foul play, an overdose, or a heart attack causing the death and instead speculated that Leo’s death resulted from a manic episode. Hughes suggested that Leo was looking for something that went down the toilet and found tools in the toilet hole.

Tony ‘Dr. Huge’ Hughes is a controversial member of the fitness community known for promoting dangerous bodybuilding methods. Bodybuilding legend Lee Priest appeared on Dave Palumbo’s RxMuscle YouTube channel and claimed that Hughes’s experiments might have contributed to Leo’s death.

This death is a confusing case that remains under investigation, and Hughes’s involvement in promoting dangerous methods has brought scrutiny to the fitness community.

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Leo’s Family Probing his Death?

According to Lucie Colomb, the ex-wife of Leo and the mother of their child, Leo’s family has launched an investigation into his death. Colomb revealed to The U.S. Sun that they have secured legal representation in Thailand and are in touch with the Embassy and Thai Police. Colomb expressed their desire to uncover the truth but declined to give further details about the probe.

Leo moved to Thailand after Colomb filed for divorce in 2022, citing domestic violence. Colomb alleged that Leo had drug and alcohol addiction issues and was abusive towards her and their daughter. Court documents obtained by The Daily Beast claimed that Leo prevented Colomb from leaving their apartment without his permission.

The documents also contain troubling text messages allegedly sent by Leo to Colomb. He expressed satisfaction with how he treated her and claimed she deserved worse treatment. Leo’s abuse reportedly intensified after he learned they were expecting a girl instead of a boy.

The investigation into Leo’s death is ongoing, and Colomb’s disturbing allegations of abuse and control bring a new layer of complexity to this already confusing case.

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