5 Best Lego Dimensions For PS4 Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

I was completely lost until my gameplay shifted suddenly from fighting waves of enemies to a three-way battle atop a building. But again, I was having a blast observing everything happen.

LEGO Dimensions is a great game. It s the best toy-to-life game out there because it captures the personalities of those physical LEGO bricks and turns them into virtual LEGOs.

The game employs a fun technique known as “shifting” between different worlds such as
-the familiar settings of classic movies like Back to the Future
-comics like Batman
-futuristic games akin to Portal and more. Like the movie, these interactions are fun and very creative.

The starter pack features Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle from The Lego Movie. All three include a good campaign to complete the story mode with enough gameplay for most gamers without having to buy more sets. You can enjoy the many hilarious nods to the show by wandering through a beautifully rendered Springfield, or you can go right through Aperture Science as GLaDOS herself guides you with voice-acting from initial Valve voice actors and captivating puzzles.

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The clever, witty touches seen throughout oz will have you stopping every few feet to rub your hand across the screens and falling in love with each new detail. It is especially good when Dimensions bring two universes together, for example when Sauron from Lord of the Rings continues on a tear through Superman’s Metropolis or when serious LEGO Batman meets the idiotic Batman from The LEGO movie. Traveler’s Tales application of Pixar-esque comedy is hilarious and amuses both children and adults, though the jokes are more sophisticated than a child would usually be able to understand An especially great moment in the story where Batman travels to Oz and is convinced that the Scarecrow from the classic movie may be the same Scarecrow which has terrorized Gotham City.

Toy LEGO Dimensions is a refreshing and inventive new toy-based video game. A large part of the enjoyment comes from your love of a certain movie or game as well as your ability to understand and appreciate deep-cut references.

What you re actually doing moment-to-moment will feel very similar to playing other LEGO games, such as the past dozen or so. This isn t bad for people who enjoy these games, but has become stale for some players over the years. You destroy everything around the corner, create crazy structures (especially in Story Mode), and accumulate a

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Do the LEGO Shuffle

Many people play video games, but what if the game could became a reality? The game Lego Dimensions has done this with new technology called “Portal” which is the life and blood of many levels. note: the characters are just regular LEGO figures. The disc is on the underside of this DVD drive and it’s a little frightening as a result

Dimensions quickly throws a variety of increasingly tedious puzzles at you. Bosses will trap one or more characters in an energy field and force them to give coins to other squares on the board The game can be challenging at times because certain puzzles require you to place specific characters on certain spots in order to imbue them with elemental powers.

I like this idea in theory, but it seldom worked for me. Puzzles never challenged my brain, just became physical exercises where I moved the toy onto a new space on the board of that color. While these puzzles were never as deep and exciting as puzzlers of this sort should have been, they did serve as an annoyance between me and the next humorous or creative scene.


LEGO Dimensions was a blast to play. Whether it was solving puzzles based on characters I knew from my childhood or just exploring the world, the game consistently left me with a smile on my face and joy in my heart. When reality and imagination collide, the references are handled.