5 Best Kegerator Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The Sanyo BC1206 kegerator (pictured above) is a good choice for my cave, whatever it’s called. Tackle some Black Friday deals with these great gadgets on kegerator.com

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– Introduction of the usable products, its usefulness and instruction on usage.
– The history or background story of the kegerator – How it evolved over time.
– A list of benefits and use cases for owning a kegerator in your house.
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The kegerator performed well, though there were a few cosmetic defects we noticed during assembly. It’s not as cold as it can get using the dial between its midpoint and ice-cold setting. But it also looks sleek and stable, with a top quality that says, “Come on in for a drink.”

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Other than most mildly frustrating labor involving stubborn screws for the safeguard rail and wheel casters, putting it together was elegant. On the other hand, this can be because it was the 3rd kegerator that we assembled, instead of as the directions were impressive: these were not. All of the parts felt sturdy and well-made. The wheels roll too easily, so I recommend using them only on flats surfaces.

The kegerator is really tall (37 inches) and wide (24 inches), which means it might not be the easiest chiller to take up space in your home. However, that height help you store lots of beer glasses Who would want to cover up this sleek dark-colored (or stainless) kegerator, which is actually the central characteristic of your respective cave? In fact, we would consider going in the other direction and pimping it out with a good paint job, flames probably.

While we re at it, we d upgrade to a double-tap tower for the Sanyo so that you can store two 5-gallon kegs and two 5-pound CO2 tanks. Why not be forced to choose between one dark beer and one darker beer? Keegerators are great for households with multiple kegs. Drinking beer is never a problem when all you have to do is walk over to the refrigerator and grab one. (That is why it is also advised to have an extra propane tank for the grill you will evidently have to get, so that you can check your kegerator.)

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One downside of this appliance might be the cost. And we declare could be because genuinely, what’s cold beer? The Sanyo lists at $950, but most trusted online retailers are selling it for $650 to $700. You can buy a cheaper kegerator including the Edgestar KC2000 below, or convert a vintage fridge. When you buy a kegerator, consider spending just a little extra for the Sanyo and save money by entertaining friends with cheaper drinks at your cavewarming party. And if you don’t need more than a six pack at a time and don’t want to present off, there’s no point in getting the fancier versions of these.