Indoor Birthday Celebration Ideas For Your Brother

Planning up a birthday party for your brother can be fun and unpredictable to the same degree. Here are some gaiety ideas to throw a whoopee indoor birthday bash for your brother.

1.      Netflix Party

Believe me when I say Netflix parties have become a universal type of fun during the pandemic. Whether you are quarantining under the same roof or are miles apart Netflix party can be an excellent idea to give your brother a good time on his birthday. You can get on a video call for a live discussion while Netflixing. The only problem here is to find a show that you both enjoy.

2.      Surprise At Work

If your brother is a workaholic, surprise him at his workplace. You can order a special birthday delivery with their favorite food, cakes, balloons, and gifts during lunch or at times when he might be a little free to attend to it. Not only will it make his day at work but might also earn him some gifts from colleagues.

3.      Movie Montage

Have all your family members friends relatives and others close to you and your family send you short clips of videos wishing your brother a happy birthday. Ask them to include a funny and loving birthday message too. Once you have all the clips your compile and edit them as you want and surprise your brother with unexpected birthday messages.  You can also find more fun ideas here.

4.      Be Their Chef For The Day

Let your brother have a chance to appreciate your cooking skills, make him a delicious meal. You can try his favorite dish or try something new that he might like. The presentation choice is entirely yours – a professional chef-like or barely a mess – he’ll always remember it.

5.      Add Suspense

To add more fun to your celebration, add a little suspense. Wrap up the gift you have bought for him in a fancy cover, add another wrap over but this time with a newspaper, add another layer of either wrapping paper or a cloth piece -basically, use as many wrapping layers as possible. Then place it in a small box, place that box in a bigger one, and continue until you reach the biggest box. Place a nice birthday card that you have made for him on the outer most box.

6.      Make Him Do Some Work

Hide your gift somewhere around the house and tie it up with yarn. Take the yarn ball and move around the house, leaving a complicated and long trail until the yarn ends. Attach a note or a birthday card to this end of the yarn and ask your brother the string to get to his gift. Sit back and watch him turn around the same corner confusedly for the fifth time.

Wrap Up

Birthdays are a fun way to show love to your brother -who you might absolutely want to kick in the face the rest of the year. So, take this chance and make it as special as you can. Here we have discussed various indoor activities to add some spice to your celebration and we hope we’ll work best for you.