How to select a good web host for your blog?

Digital marketers don’t often spend too much time worrying about their web hosting partner. This is partly because marketing is driven primarily by the promotional side of websites.

Verticals like speed and performance are often classified as technical matters.

However, we know the importance of speed and performance in digital marketing. Speed is one of the primary ranking factors Google takes into account when curating its search results.

The reasoning is obvious. Websites with a decent performance track record are more likely to deliver a sound experience to users.

Poor hosting is a leading reason for slow websites. Your choice of web host can have a direct impact on the type of website you build.

In this article, we discuss how you can select a good web host for your website.

#1: Choose dedicated web hosts

Most websites choose shared hosting plans because they are cheap. Affordability is often the primary factor involved when websites look for a hosting partner.

In a shared hosting plan, websites have to share storage with a number of other websites working in different environments. This is not ideal when you are looking to create a seamless experience for your users.

Choosing dedicated hosts is a good place to start. Hosting providers like WP Engine for instance enable users to host their websites in servers dedicated to WordPress.

There are a number of other hosting providers that provide special packages for other CMS options.

#2: Ensure cybersecurity

A good website host will also make sure your website is protected from malicious third-parties threats.

The last thing you need is a black hat hacker disrupting your websites with garden variety cyberattacks. Your website must meet a certain level of cybersecurity standards.

Generally, reliable hosts monitor potential threats to your website security and regularly identify vulnerabilities.

If you are using a CMS like WordPress and have little technical experience, it is wise to choose a reliable hosting plan. This will ensure your website security is managed automatically.

#3: Managing traffic spikes

When you buy a hosting plan, you will notice that the company claims to offer unlimited bandwidth.

This is often not the case. No hosting company can realistically offer unlimited bandwidth. You should always speak to a representative from the hosting company about the kind of bandwidth you will get with the hosting plan.

A high bandwidth will essentially enable you to manage spikes in traffic with ease.

Imagine you start getting good traffic from a keyword, but your host is unable to manage this spike in traffic. Google will immediately drop your rank and you’ll lose the chance you got.

It is thus wise to get a straight answer when it comes to bandwidth.

In conclusion

Hosts are essentially utilities for a website. However, bad hosts can often derail all your business hopes.

In this piece, we discuss how you can select a good web host for your blog. As a beginner, setting up a new website and choosing a host is often challenging.

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