5 Best Dirt 4 PS4 Review Black Friday 2021

The sound and visuals of Dirt 4 have raised the bar for all future rally games. The new custom stage creator is a great addition to Dirt 4’s already large repertoire of content. It is remarkably simple to use. There are only two sliders one for length and one for complexity. That’s it! The procedure can be instantaneous and easy, and there are varying levels of time-of-day and weather that could be substituted depending on the needs of the stage you create. Dirt 4 has been designed with long stages, up to 12-or-so kilometers. The off-track respawn limits have already been pushed right out and this leads to larger crashes. The Your Stage tool supports four countries, Australia, America, Wales, and Sweden which each offer different terrain for drivers and various driving techniques needed as well. Australia can be a dirt course that is based in gravel, with wider areas and tight zones throughout the wilderness. It’s quick and forgiving if you have enough space for one. Spain’s roads are littered with curbs, figures, and high stone walls. I’ve gone down many Spanish hillsides, speeding into fast-paced corners at full attack.

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There is nothing about Your Stage courses that indicate they were built by an algorithm instead of humans.

The dirt 4 ps4 release. Dirt 4 for PS4 offers a robust and accurate career mode that also offers player customization.

One of the most impressive features about Dirt 4 is that there’s nothing about Your Stage courses that makes it clear they’ve been built by an algorithm. Segments are seamlessly blended together, trackside detail is varied and pace notes from Welshman Nicky Grist and Canadian Jen Horsey are always on point

Codemasters had five environments going into this game, and they managed to work in Finland, Monaco, and Germany. Dirt 4 is game-changing for rally games.

Aside from Ego engine games which have always looked subdued, Dirt 4 is the foremost that has ever emerged. From how light bounces off different surfaces to the way fog in a thick orange haze follows sunlight, it is impressive. The visuals of this game still lack a small amount of the sharpness of a few peers in this genre, but there is great detail contained here. In particular, the heat haze wafting above wide starting straights in stadiums and compact dirt surfaces baking below harsh sun are beautifully done. The soil leaves on the back roads of Michigan, mixed with dust and churned by slipstreams in a Rallycross event. The absurdly good water splash effects make crashes even more satisfying.

I also enjoy how Dirt 4 scars often look well-used and not just after events when they have damage. The Dirtfish Rally School training cars are excellent examples; you can’t tell that they’ve just rolled off the lot. The cars have an intentionally dirty appearance, with washed-out bodywork and dirt smudging the front section.

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Then there s the sound, which is glorious. Exhaust overriding cattle grids and sweet, sweet exhaust overrun sounds like Satan half-choking on pistachio. Dirt 4’s cars are given a distinct sound design to make them feel realistic and responsive.

Improved weight shifting and aero grip make it more appealing.

Dirt 4 features two physics modes: Simulation and Gamer. While the Simulation mode is considered more accurate, it’s the Gamer mode that really challenges players. Dirt 4 on PS4 is an improvement over the violence of Dirt Rally but falls short of weight and complexity.

Dirt 4 is easy enough that anyone can enjoy it, but for those who like things a bit more complicated there are plenty of options to keep the game competitive. For example, with the Gamer physics setting and different assists, you’ll still have an enjoyable experience. but it also provides you with added options without ever taking away from the game’s serious rally sims gameplay.

Career mode is a more complex approach to Dirt Rally and offers some interesting features, such as team facilities and upgrades. Facilities and resources will affect how useful engineers are for you personally. Dirt 4 on the PS4 has been redesigned from Dirt Rally. With the freedom to choose sponsors, there’s more micromanagement involved but it’s a welcome change from Dirt Rally which felt soulless. Players are also able to customize their fleet of cars and enter as many championships as they want. I love how it’s easy to apply a regular theme across your cars, but I believe the livery editor could use more functionality; since it stands a lot of it is pre-set and ultimately results in cars that look somewhat amateur next to cars adorned with existing professional liveries. Small changes like adjusting the placement of the logo on my current design could make it even better; simpler graphics (like stripes) would be a nice addition.

The car catalog is mixed, with representatives from various regions and eras of rallying. There are some gaps in the inventory, but there’s still a great selection to choose from. Consult with a professional before making any investment decisions.

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Speaking of Focus…

Dirt 4 also introduces a whole new mode called the Official World Rallycross Championship, which will not only include the most notable World RX Supercars but also Group B rallycross cars and more tracks, though it doesn’t stop there. Dirt 4 is an excellent racing game. Short tracks are combined with a unique format and astonishingly powerful cars. There also is the Dirtfish Rally School, which can be used for joyriding, testing, or rally lessons. Dirt Rally s regular community events have returned, and now, they come with improved stages that everyone can participate in. These new stages are a blast to race on, too! There s also expanded lobbies you can choose from for the multiplayer mode. Multiplayer is a smooth experience when competing with friends, though I expect the unbending and close-quarters nature of rallycross and Landrush (American, TORC style short course off-road racing) could be frustrating for players who are trying to race clean.


Dirt 4 has the distinction of being the first Dirt game to include a co-driver in all modes since Colin McRae Rally 2005, and it might be worth noting that this is symbolic as dirt 4 harkens back to the old days of Codemasters’ rally series. Hearing Grist’s voices notes again has just brought me 20 years back in time to my childhood, when I consumed most games beginning with Colin. Codemasters rally games have traditionally been the measuring stick against which all other off-road racers were measured until it was supplanted by Richard Burns Rally and WRC: Rally Evolved. Recently, those days are back. dirt 4 ps4.

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