Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals On 5 Best Yamaha Pacifica

So, if you’ve been looking for a few good budget guitar options, you’ll probably find that the Yamaha Pacifica is mentioned again and again. With its excellent playability as well as its quality value and affordable price tag, it’s one of the most popular guitars in this purchase price range. Black Friday is a great day to purchase expensive items on your bucket list.

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But what s the difference between your Pacifica 12 and the 12? You might consider the 12J or V.

Pacifica guitars were originally created in the 60’s, but currently there are only six Yamaha Pacifica Series guitars. We will discuss the guitars as a whole and then breakdown the variations between versions.

Toward the end of this series, hopefully you ll have a good idea which model is best for you.

Yamaha Pacifica Guitar Review The Yamaha Pacifica series is becoming among the company’s best-selling electric guitars and has been introduced since 1990s. They sound great, price range is so good (many under $200) plus they look awesome!

Although the guitars are constructed in Asia, an undeniable fact which can often be considered a negative, the quality of the construction is amazing. It’s probably one of the reasons it’s such a popular guitar that they’re constantly good no matter what model you select up.

Apparently, a whole lot of effort went into designing and building Yamaha’s Pacifica guitar. This leads me to believe that with the proper care, it could last for an eternity.

Yamaha Pacificas are modeled after the Stratocasters but there are a few differences worth mentioning.
Usually, The Pacifica is similar to the Stratocaster, though there are some differences. The horns are longer on this particular guitar and the contours are much less pronounced. Unlike with the STRAT – where you plug in on skin side of your instrument – with a pacifica, you would plug it in privately.

One of the most prominent areas of distinction between your Stratocaster and the Pacifica is in a pickup. While some are fitted with three single-coils, the Pacifica runs using only two singles and one humbucker maker (which can be configured to become an individual coil).

The difficult part about selecting the right guitar is that there are a number of factors to take into consideration. Some people enjoy playing guitars with an acoustic tone while others prefer more of a crunchy electric sound. Because this choice varies from person to person, the best option is to test out both models and see which one feels better in your hands.

Yamaha Pacifica Playability and Sound
If I were to describe the Yamaha Pacifica in a few words, words like versatile, bright, and classy come to mind. This is because of coil-split feature for humbucker near bridge which you can change by pushing or pulling any of the knobs. You have a choice between brighter country sound Both guitars are strikingly clear and pleasant in their sound.

The tone changing ability of the guitar is very subtle – but you can actually notice some difference in sound.

The Pacifica is the perfect guitar for lead playing because of what Yamaha consider to be a unique fret radius and smooth, stable neck. The fingerboard has a satin finish if you want something a little less glossy.

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Obviously, the sound of any model within the Pacifica series will change; but it is a well-built and sounding guitar. It looks modern, classy, and delivers sounds for all tastes.

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Concluding Thoughts
While Yamaha can’t seem to escape the stigma of being a “non-electric guitar brand,” its Pacifica guitars are one major exception. They’re well-built and have endured almost three decades worth of scrutiny and use.

The Pacifica 012 is a beginner guitar that’s available in three different colors, making it so you don’t have to decide on color until you know your favorite. When you can have the ability to squeak out a lttle bit more in your budget, however, upgrading to the 112 will be an improved investment over time. Colors offered include Black, Lake Blue, Metallic Red, Natural Dark Violin Sunburst and Translucent Green.

One of the most alluring features on the Pacifica 212 is Quilted Maple or Flamed Maple.