5 Best Yeti Tundra Cooler Deals On Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Overview of this guide
Chapter 3 – Buying a new cooler
Champion and Orca Coolers-Which is better?
Rubbermaid vs. Yeti-What are the differences? Chapter 5 Conclusions

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While there are a lot of good quality coolers out there, the Tundra excels in both insulation and functionality. In both side-by-side tests and prolonged usage, the Yeti Tundra cooler is heads above the rest. The ice will stay frozen for days longer than other models we tested–weeks in some cases—and keep your food cold on camping trips . Though it’s not the only rotomolded model (a lot of Unlike other similar models, the Tundra is low and long without being too wide for just one person to carry. It’s big enough to keep everything you want cold without taking up a space so large that it loses cold air through its size.


One of the coolers we reviewed that passed approval for use in grizzly bear country by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee, the Tundra Cooler shares a spotlight with other insulated containers.
Improved: One of the coolers we reviewed that passes regulatory approval for use in grizzly bear-infested regions, this rotomolded cooler The Tundra 45 is more than just a cooler. With an intensely strong and durable body, the textured lids make it easier to sit on when you’re hot and sticky, as well as making sure your hands are less slippery for a safer step up too. The integrated hinge has no problems overextending without breaking, yet it can make some interesting noises. The often imitated rubber latches are the Goldilocks of thickness and flexibility, lending both strength and reassurance that they won’t break whenever your toddler yanks on them.

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Ease of Use

Though it may take a few trips of practice, the Tundra easily opens with one hand whenever your other hand is filled with what to put inside. It is also simple, easy to pack – and even easier to load and unload. The lid stays open when needed and closes effortlessly. Unlike other coolers we tested, it could stay open without overextending the hinges. we tested, like others we examined, it has two handles: one set is camouflaged as indents beneath the top lid and can be another easily grabbed rope with moveable grips in the centre. This dual handle set helps make it easy for a few persons to transport the Tundra even if adding an additional bulk throughout which includes

A dual-use drain makes emptying your soggy Tundra simple. You can either unscrew it partially to let water seep through, or completely take away the plug for faster drainage, but make sure you don’t misplace it because there is no leash providing a way to attach it to the cooler itself. Though the drainage channel has a tiny lip, water generally passes easily through it. It is important to note that not all coolers have this feature–many customers find the dry item basket incredibly useful and easy to remove when they do not need it. For a cooler labeled as being 65 quarts, it only really includes 56. But we know there are so many other brands who overstate how big their coolers are that this one is a lot more honest.

We were also interested in the Yeti bear locks, and purchased them as well. The locking mechanism can be a little cumbersome due to the weight, but it stays put and doesn’t budge once locked. It’s tough to get the lid off from underneath without looking, though.

Bear locks are necessary for securing coolers to protect bears, but they might not be enough in some places. In parks where bear protection lockers aren’t available, you may need a certified cooler with bear locks. Be sure to check regulations before you go!

When taking a cooler such as the Yeti Tundra, bear locks work very well. However, make sure to check on regulations before heading into bear country.


As a large wheel-less cooler, this product is not designed for transportation. The Tundra has a great blend of a minimal profile without having to be too wide that helps it not bash against your legs while you are carrying it solo.


Initially, the Tundra looks basic. But after further inspection, it offers a lot of helpful features. tie-down points on either end can be utilized to secure it in the rear of your pick-up truck for long hauls on 4×4 roads and you could still open the cooler while it’s tied down! Handily, you can pressure wash your tundra or fill it with dry ice to create your food last. The T-grips can be reversed to shorten the profile of the cooler a little.

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The Yeti Tundra 65 cooler is an outstanding all-around cooler and a no-brainer for our Editors Choice Award. A great many other brands imitate the features within this seriously impressive cooler, but up to now only the Yeti brings everything together into one complete package. The Tundra Cooler from Yeti delivers a number of convenient features and has an easy, yet effective design.