10 Best Xbox Headset Deals On Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Microsoft s design goal is to make a minimalistic headset which provides private sound experience for players without raising the cost too high. If you were disappointed by the simple little sales call headset that was included with your Xbox One and controller, then there are chances that this stereo headset will be worth considering. After you have this headset, you’ll also want to learn how to hook up an xBox one headset with a easy wireless and wired setup.

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The headset comes in either black or white, and is ready for use immediately upon being unboxed. The earcups are also interesting: broad cones of over-the-ear cups that offer just as much room as even the most expensive models, but without sacrificing comfort or weight. That being said, the headset does have a few downsides. For instance, the headset is relatively lightweight but has an odd feel with such large earcups that cover your entire ear. The headband comes backed with rubber padding and adjustments come in through push/pull ratcheting The Xbox Wireless Controller is a familiar set of buttons, and nothing’s wasted.

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The earcup material is a simple weave that’s less about comfort and more about providing longevity. Other weaves might trap dust, too, but this design keeps you from feeling trapped within the headset.

Instead of buttons on this compact headset, Microsoft includes an adapter that plugs into the controller. It’s similar to the mic power cord you get with your controller and offers control over volume and chat balance options. On Xbox, this controller-based control option is a welcome alternative to reaching up to buttons on the headset.

The hidden design of the microphone in this headset is notable for reducing accidental damage (just make sure not to leave it out when you’re not using it!). The mic may not be the best for communication, but it does its job and keeps the boom nice and safe as well.

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The Xbox Stereo gives you a very immersive sound experience, the large earcups serving to block out any outside interference. I found the sound to be inherently poor based on the hearing tests I took.

Ultimately, in the event that you do not have any headphones or even a cheap pair and want to upgrade, these provides some extra advantage in terms of filtering out sounds and signals. However, they don’t offer much environmental sound, and pinpointing noise remains tricky: they are best used when you wish directional audio tracks only but also need privacy from Microsoft

When you buy an Xbox, you have an outstanding selection of multiplayer games to choose from. But without a good headset your chances of winning are close to nothing.

Quality headsets will make you more aware of your surroundings, allow clearer communication with teammates, and help you decipher things like finding the location of enemy snipers on your map.

Below are our selections for the top headsets for gaming.