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In the black box

The Xbox One X is a refinement of the Xbox One design. It really is, as Microsoft has described often, 40 percent smaller compared to the original Xbox One. It s roughly identical in size to the typical Xbox One S at 8.4 pounds. Don’t be fooled by its smaller 37% figure– the Xbox S console is about the same size as Sony’s PlayStation 4, and it is even smaller than the slimmer PS4 Slim.

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We chose the matte black finish of the Xbox One X with its other subtle air holes over the white finish and numerous larger fan holes on the original Xbox One S. The Xbox One X will actually be able to stack on other devices without restricting airflow.

Though it’s not a flashy console, the Xbox One X is the most powerful to date. Powered by an eight-core 2.3 GHz x86 CPU and 12 GB of DDR5 RAM, it packs a punch significantly more powerful than the rival PS4 Pro (with 8 cores running at 2.1 GHz and 8 GB VRAM). Although there is a lot of graphics processing power on board, the PS4 Pro still falls short in comparison with Xbox One X. The latter machine offers 6 TFLOPS and 12GB RAM – more than what’s offered by its competitors.

The Xbox One X, Microsoft’s newest console, has no disappointing aspects. Even if you re downloading just the Xbox Live Games with Gold from the publisher every month, most players will quickly fill up their hard drive. It’s all too easy for some games to break 100GB in file size thanks to 4K assets and uncompressed sound files so it makes sense that a few games would be able to consume your internal

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Still a solid home entertainment device

Finally, the Xbox One X has just about everything you could want in a game console. The best xbox The Xbox One X has IR-out and S/PDIF ports for high-end stereo setups, as well as an Ethernet port to connect it all together.

A lot of the features on xbox One are not related to gaming, but for your home theater setup, it can be handy when one device is able to play 4k uhd blu-rays, play games and stream tv at the same time. The Xbox One X can do the same. 4K Blu-Ray and HDMI pass-through are features you won’t find on any PS4.

Along with advanced surround sound, the console also supports 4K color resolution. While very expensive, Atmos surround audio systems are spectacular. Gaming headsets allow users to hear details in the game they might not have been able to otherwise hear.

The Xbox One X, like the Xbox One S, doesn’t come with a dedicated Kinect port. In fact, if you have an original Kinect plugged in to your current console and want to use it on the new Xbox One X model (or vice versa), you’ll need to buy this separate device called a “Kinect USB connector”. It’s Microsoft has recently ended production of the Kinect. This means you can t use gestures to navigate, but that feature was never all that great anyway.

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Xbox One Enhances, however, many games a lot more than others

First, developers must focus on games that use the hardware best. These Xbox One Enhanced Games demonstrate how powerful the console is and show its most potential. Xbox One offers a range of enhancements for games, both on Xbox One and the new Xbox One S. Although we have seen games drag and lag on occasion, seeing games run much better than before is gratifying.

Gears of War 4, one among a few games we d used of that received an Xbox One Enhanced patch prior to the console s launch, looked considerably more sharp on our main X-box One and even when other difficulties. We also noticed that their surroundings included brick walls and trees retained their sharpness even though we weren t near them. In the cutscenes, the game art remained crisp and detailed even when viewed up close. In combat segments, this detail degraded in accordance with how far away the camera was from Fenix’s face.

Today, the games on your console are so lifelike that it can transform how you play and experience them.

Super Lucky s Tale, which is an exclusive Xbox One console adaptation of the Oculus Rift s 3D platformer, does not have advanced detail but runs smoothly. The console has a clean smoothness and ease of play that is unparalleled, both in game quality and console design.

The brand new console has increased fidelity and can transform how you have games. In a section of Gears 4, we pointed out that the moon wasn’t just brighter than it was on the Xbox One S but we could see wisps of light around it too. The Gears of War franchise takes place on a fictional, Earth-like planet called Sera. When we played the game for the first time, our attention was focused more towards the overall gameplay than anything else; noticeable changes in fidelity were made when playing it with a Xbox One