5 Best WD My Cloud Mirror Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The WD My Cloud Mirror is a home storage system, two tenant capacity suitable for anyone with the desire to share data and access from all around the world.

With a RAID 1 configuration, computer data is supported by two hard drives. This means that your drive will not only be protected from physical damage, but it will also serve the dual purpose of being easy and automated when setting up for optimal performance. Blog black friday has put together an amazing list of items that you can buy and find in the best stores around.

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Best Deals on WD My Cloud Mirror on Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales)

WD My Cloud Mirror Design and Features The first thing to notice about the 4TB version of the My Cloud Mirror is that, for some users, it won’t actually provide 4TB of storage. That s possible only when you incorporate both its 2TB hard disks (using JBOD, spanning, or RAID 0), instead of by keeping them within their

Related: Synology DS215J While this is of course a personal decision, most home users will want to use the default mode because it offers you complete backup should one of your drives fail. The Mirror can be obtained in 6TB or 8TB configurations.

The WD My Cloud Mirror’s white appearance with gray sides and a splash of silver is complemented by blue LEDs on top.

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As an alternative to its more expensive and business-orientated brother, the EX2100, the MyCloud Mirror is less ostentatious.

However, this WD EX2100 is more expensive than the My Cloud Mirror. Besides its superior performance, it’s better built with thick metal on all sides and much stronger drive bays.

My household does not have a cloud. I have experienced the My Cloud Mirror and it bends too easily. It s likely to experience some problems in everyday use but this is worth considering before purchase.

The device can be accessed by tapping the very best edge of it and then popping up to reveal its two drives. Each hard disk has a metal bracket holding it in place, which can easily be undone with the included handle and then lifted off using the attached plastic tabs

The keys are a crucial factor in the price. It s basic but it may be satisfactory for one-time usage by some people.

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The drives themselves are WD Red models, which are virtually typical for NAS drives. They add a few extra firmware technologies in addition to a simple drive, which enables better power management and RAID and media streaming.

While these discs are not known for their speed, they spin at 5,400rpm and should prove reliable.

The back of the machine has a handful of USB 3.0 ports for connection to external hard drives. This makes it very easy to expand the storage being shared from the My Cloud Mirror.

Here, you’ll also find the standard gigabit Ethernet socket and power connector. This underlined clarification is used to differentiate between two similar objects that are mentioned in close proximity.