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Traeger Grills were invented in 1986 and are the top-selling pellet grill today.

In this article, we review all of the best Traeger pellet grills. We will also explore each grill’s distinctions and observe how they build up against the competition.


A new Traeger pellet grill comes with a significant investment, so it is important that you do your research before purchasing.

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Especially now that there are several brands of pellet grills on the market offering excellent quality.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: A Review in Brief
Chapter 3: The Pros and Cons for This Grill

Understanding the Traeger grill lineup

Finding a Traeger grill can be difficult because there are so many models to compare.

Traeger produces 4 main pellet grill lines, and also a few other popular models like the Bronson, Renegade Elite and Junior Elite.

Purchasing a new/old traeger grill is dependent on one’s personal style preference and budget, but there are factors to consider before making the final decision.

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The Traeger pellet grill lineup can be difficult to understand at first glance.

For all models in 2019, the quantity in Traeger’s name identifies the cooking surface. This means that the Pro 780 has 788 square inches of cooking surface.

For older models, the quantity refers to how big is the key grilling rack. The Pro Series 34 includes a 34 x 19″ grilling rack.

Want to find the best Traeger grill for you? Use this interactive chart, where you can compare different models and see their specifications.

Where are Traeger grills made?

Traeger is made by a company in China.

Their larger commercial grills remain produced in the US.

Most consumer grills are manufactured in China, but some people have complained about Traeger moving manufacturing there.

If being patriotic is important to you, then consider a Yoder pellet grill. While it is more expensive upfront, you ll still pay close to double the price of cheaper models.

Other things to consider when investing in a pellet grill

Deciding which grill to buy can be overwhelming, especially when you want the best model for your needs.

When you are considering investing in grill, it is important to understand the subtleties of what type suits your tastes. Considering a few things can go a long way towards simplifying this process.


Various pellet grills are rated between 300 and 1300 square feet. The size of your grill should help determine which one you want to invest in.

Larger grills tend to be more expensive. Though budget brands like Z Grills still cost more than higher-quality ones like Traeger.

If you don’t want to cook too much food and have a ton of leftovers, you need to find the perfect size for your grill. If you have a lot of guests, however, make sure to get large enough that it still fits everything not just the meat!

You should also consider the size of the pellet hopper to give you cooking time without having to refill.

If you have any friends or family members with grills, it would be a good idea to borrow one before your purchase.

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Some grillers want the latest tech so they don’t have to worry about a lack of flare ups, while others prefer a more durable option that will last for years.

Consider which features are priorities and which features can be compromised on.

Some common features of pellet grills include:


Pellet grills cost much more than other styles of smokers, so it is important to weigh your options carefully.

The average cost of a Traeger grill is $400-$2000.

Traeger Brand History

Knowing a bit about the manufacturer of your grill is always helpful, and Traeger has an interesting history.

Traeger Grills was founded by Joe Traeger, an inventor who made grilling simpler with Mesquite Wood Chips.

Joe Traeger invented the pellet grill in 1985.

This patent allowed Traeger to have the pellet grill market all to themselves for another twenty years.

Early Traeger grills had a straightforward LMH controller that enabled you to choose from low, medium and high temperatures.

Early versions of the Traeger grill lacked basic features like weather conditions or quantity control.

During this time period, Traeger remained a small company based out of Oregon.

When the original patent expired in 2006, many new manufacturers made pellet smokers. In 2014, 27 companies manufactured such grills.

Jeremy Andrus joined Traeger in 2014, upon acquisition by Trilantic Capital Partners and moving the business enterprise to Salt Lake City.


Traeger is the leading producer of pellet grills, selling more than $300 million worth of product annually.

Like any company of this size, you will hear both good and bad customer reviews. From what I gathered in the comments, most complaints stemmed from ordering replacement parts for faulty grills that might take a long time to process or arrive.

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Wrapping it up

For a long time, if you wanted an advanced pellet grill with digital cooking controls and more than three grilling levels, Traeger was the only company available.

Due to the rush of other companies entering the marketplace, Traeger has had to heighten their game.

With the release of this year’s lineup from Traeger, these are actually offer probably the most advanced pellet grills available when it comes to technology.

With that said, as a huge company they do spend a lot on marketing and you will find great deals from other brands such as Camp Chef or Green Mountain Grills.

We recommend you visit some of the newest models for yourself to see which one suits your needs.