5 Best TomTom Go 620 & 6200 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The TomTom GO 620 is a state-of-the-art navigation GPS with premium features and a sleek interface. It comes equipped with all the latest gadgets, including free traffic alerts and map updates for the life span of these devices. The GO 620 has a sturdy build, classy design and above all else high-end features.

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The GO 620 comes preloaded with maps of the continental United States and an incredibly advanced system to avoid traffic delays. However, the only way to access these alerts is by borrowing your smartphone s data connection so that you can report on traffic conditions.TomTom estimates that if you are using the service 1 hour each day, you’ll use under 10MB of data monthly-a relatively small amount for a smartphone user. If the traffic on your upcoming route is bad, the GO 620 can advise an alternate route for you.

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One of the navigator’s greatest strengths is its voice-activated search features. You can speak the voice prompt and tell it the address you’d prefer to navigate to, or use other prompts to access cool features. This is a convenient feature to have, as navigating the device could be difficult. Additionally, it helps you stay on the road which increases safety. There are many icons on your screen, and the layout is not very organized.

The TomTom GO 620’s 6-inch capacitive screen is slim and offers up to 1 hours of battery life. If you prefer a larger display, check out the Rand McNally OverDryve, which includes a 7-inch display with better features. The tomtom go 620 6200 screen resolution is 800×480 pixels, which is average. It can be powered through your car’s DC charger or hooked up to a suction cup mount on your vehicle’s dashboard.

The TomTom GO 620 has voice recognition, lifetime map updates, and preloaded maps of THE UNITED STATES. It’s dependent on your smartphone for up-to-date traffic alerts, but it’s still a great buy.

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Our Verdict

Voice-activated navigation and a good design make the TomTom GO 620 among the top rated GPS units.