5 Best Sennheiser HD 600 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Built & Style

Some may find them dated due the blue marble effect in the plastic, but I really like their look. Aesthetics is not generally a priority for me when it comes to headphones so far as that’s concerned.” Even though some people like owning nice looking gear, I totally understand them.

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Material used

The Sennheiser HD600s are mostly made out of plastic, but the material is more premium feeling in your hands than that of competitors like the AKG K701 or Beyerdynamic DT880. The construction is sturdy and well-made, especially the metal articulation between your headband assembly and the ear cups.

The driver’s enclosures are protected by external grills, that can be easily twisted if pressure is applied. Thankfully the grill is removable and repairable. The ear pads are made from durable velour but will degrade after years of use.

Several Sennheiser HD 600 cables are defective and should be replaced by thicker, higher quality ones.

Durability factor

One of the strongest points of this model is its durability–each aspect may be substituted and may be found online. The HD600 are created with simple components, and will go longer. The drivers are incredibly reputable also. The oldest pairs are nearly twenty years in age, but they still work perfectly. My own HD600 can be an early version from 2001 and I never really had to replace anything, except for the ear pads (twice) and the cables (I purchased the curved cables from the newer Sennheiser HD650 because they were thicker and more reliable

There are a variety of HD600/HD650 variants, but the older models have black dampening foam and newer models have gray dampening foam. It’s hard to tell the specific date when changes occurred, but I estimate it was made sometime during 2007-2009. A good example is pictured below.

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Comfort zone

I rank the HD600 as the most comfortable of over-ear headphones, with a few others ranking alongside it including the DT880 or K501.

Ear Pads

Compared to other ear pads, the HD600 offers more comfortable cushioning. It comes with an oval-shaped design that is well-designed for larger ears (around 2.5mm in thickness). The velour is a delight for long sessions, and even more during the summer.

Headband & Weight Distribution

They are the lightest option on our list, coming in at 270g and can be knocked down even higher if you buy a second pair. The lightweight feeling is a nice touch as heavier headphones seem to gravitate more towards your head and cause some discomfort after long periods of use. Foam ear pads eventually shrink and lose their “chewy” quality.

Sound Quality

They offer effortless sound, while also maintaining a balanced tone. I find the HD600 to be very close to neutral and coherent from their bass up to their treble.


of all other tracks they will surely sound bass-light or at least slightly under average when considering the bass quality of recent headphones.

The overall quality of the HD 600 is quite good for their release year (1997) especially when comparing them to other headphones in its price range. The AKG K501 and Sony CD3000 didn t offer nearly as much sound quality in those days.

The bass level meets with an acceptable standard: the distortion is barely audible, but sometimes the midbass and upper bass light boosts leave a feeling of muddiness as opposed to a clean linear sound.


The midrange is engaging in this pair of headphones, which means you can clearly make out the emotions and feelings behind a song. I like it most when switching to these after having listened to another set for a while but can’t enjoy all genres with high densities around 3-5 kHz very well. The HD600 sometimes feels too sharp and heightens the treble range.

Vocals sound great, and strings are clear without any harshness. Thanks to the slightly boosted upper midrange, though, sounds like cymbals or percussion might be a little overwhelming. The mids have good depth but can sometimes sound harsh with too much treble


Highs in the HD600 are great; well balanced without sibiles. They extend far. The Sennheiser veil is obviously a myth at present (even if I could understand why some people might think that the HD650 is veiled since it has reduced highs).

The lower-treble is smooth for the sake of our ears even while they have sufficient energy above 9 kHz to avoid sounding too muted or lacking air.

Dynamics & Soundstage

The HD600 have a wide enough soundstage, detail is well-retrieved and the presentation is engaging. However, this speaker can sound a little overbearingly on mid-centric music.

When connected to a smartphone, the bass will be very loose. The dynamics will most likely sound more compressed than usual, making them sound somewhat dull.

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The HD600s still rank amongst the most affordable all-round, genuine hi-fi headphones I’ve tried.

They have a natural sound, while not being an overly analytical headphone. They are also very comfortable and simple to mend, without the need to be so technically minded with their operation.

The high price for higher quality headphones makes the hd 600s more attractive; in comparison to a few years ago. Choose the headphones and enjoy them for a long time.