5 Best Remington Pro Hair Dryer Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Today I will review a remington pro hair dryer that I found very helpful. My hairdresser used it this morning and told me that she s been using it on clients for two months now, and has received great reviews. It s my first time buying an expensive hair dryer, but the price point is what encouraged me to get Despite using a heat protector, my hair became frizier and drier. I figured this was because of the lower voltage in my hair dryer caused by its high frequency use.

I usually have to use a hair dryer daily, so I figured I would start looking for one that has both high voltage and variable heat setting. My research led me to the best hair dryer in the market, which is what I’m buying. It has all the features I wanted and more.

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My experience with the Remington Pro Ionic Ultra Hair Dryer D5020
Just opened box. Contents appear intact: hair dryer and attachments wrapped in cellophane. The Body is black and silver in color which looks beautiful. Its ceramic touramaline grill produces even heat through the whole drying process, preventing your hair from getting fried. According to the brand’s site, this model makes your hair shinier and prevents frizz. The ceramic coating is popular in many flat irons just like this one. My salon guy suggested that I find a blow-dryer with at least 2000 watts – the higher wattage will dry my hair faster. So people with those considerations should find this helpful for that reason.

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Hairdryer creates millions of ultra-fine micro droplets for an incredibly quick drying experience that minimizes frizz.

Heat and air settings, buttons (i.e., cool shot button:

There are three heat settings and two speed settings, with the buttons for these conveniently located. In addition, there is a turbo button to quickly dry the hair or set your style, as well as a cool shot at the end that can be very handy. It is recommended using concentrator or diffuser on the lowest speed and temperature setting.

I use this hair dryer with concentrator on damp hair for quick drying and styling. I can help my look stay perfect by straightening my locks after they’ve been dried about 80%. It doesn’t take long to see the difference after from the very first use. The ionic diffuser makes my hair less frizzy, it has more volume and a noticeable sheen. Compared to my old hair dryer that only had one speed and temperature setting, this product seems to work better even though there are some downsides. First, it does take longer to dry my hair with this dryer since the even heat distribution prevents quick drying. Additionally, although the best speed setting is fast, it isn’t very powerful.

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Second, it’s heavy. I recommend sitting on a chair while blow drying and resting your arm over. Also, this dryer shouldn’t be your first hair dryer because being large in size and heavy; you may find it too difficult to handle for beginners. I used to use Philips hair dryer before this one, but my family and I like it better because

it has more controls for drying.

The third thing, which is easily noticeable in pictures, is that it has a UK-based plug. That means you will also need to buy an adapter to make the dryer work in India. The only negativer thing I’ve found about this is that it did not come with a travel adapter plug.