Top 5 Razer Huntsman Elite Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Razer is a longtime champion of mechanical switches from desktop keyboards to laptops and even iPad covers. However, the Huntsman Elite introduces their new Optomechanical switch for the first time. Razer s new keyboard, dubbed the Huntsman Elite, is one of the fastest on the market. Black Friday sales and deals are here, but they won’t last forever.

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If we had to choose one word to describe the Razer Huntsman Elite, it would be “Fast”. Whether you re typing or gaming, this keyboard is the best of the best.

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Pricing and availability
All that speed includes a whiplash-inducing $199 ( 199, AU$339) price tag for the Razer Huntsman Elite we re reviewing here. In the event you absolutely have your eye set on Razer Optomechanical switches, they ll also be seen on the lower-end Huntsman keyboard which lacks

The Razer Huntsman Elite has the most direct competition in both cost and speed with the $199 ( 184, AU$279) Corsair K95 RGB Platinum. It’s equipped with Cherry MX SpeedSilver switches which help it be the fastest purely mechanical keyboard available.

For those searching for a top-end keyboard that s more affordable than the Corsair and Ducky keyboards, turn to Logitechs G910 Orion Spectrum ($179, 159 AU$279). Although it lacks the speed of other two keyboards in this price range, Romer-G switches make up for it with tactile feedback.

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The Huntsman Elite has proven to be Razer’s first frameless keyboard, much like the rest of the company’s devices which usually sport a thick plastic frame. The keyboard is rather small when compared to other Razer keyboards, because it doesn t have a massive fairing around it and is easier on the eyes than its more expensive predecessors.

Razer’s new Huntsman Elite keyboard has a frameless design and a blue illuminated track that wraps around the perimeter of the board.
The input text’s first sentence is unnecessary, and its tone would be better matched with the second sentence. The last statement does not support this change, so it can be removed for more clarity: “In This keyboard finally has an RGB-lit palm rest!

You won’t find another keyboard with more RGB lighting than this one. Razer is a master in the field, and Chroma adds captivating, yet soft illumination to every key that matches 360-degree track lighting specifically tailored for each device.

The Huntsman Elite comes with among the best media buttons around – you’ll find simple play/pause, rewind and fast-forward buttons along with a volume wheel that has an integrated mute button.

The volume wheel is a close contender here. It hangs right off the edge of the keyboard as if to invite you to play with it and when you do, its lighting inside changes from light blue to pure white in intensity as your volume improves. We think the wheel should have a click or change smooth scrolling motion to make it more obvious.

Razer placed the caps lock and other indicator lighting just above the arrow keys, anticipating a space that was likely to go unused.

Although the palm rest offers plushy support for our hands, we’re not in love with the metal edges surrounding it. If you re wrists have a tendency to hang off and below the edge of your desk, which isn’t good for your health, you ll feel this metal edge cutting into you at all times.

based on reviews from past customers, the performance razer isn’t the first keyboard maker to produce an optical switch product, as the Aorus K9 Optical and Tesoro Excalibur SE Spectrum beat it to that release by a small margin. The OptoMechanical switch has a unique feel and is dramatically faster than others we have seen

If you are able to pull off the Huntsman’s keycaps, you will see a purple switch underneath.

A large “plus”-shaped central peg protrudes from the centre, surrounded by branches linked to a metal bar that appears akin to it has been pulled out of a takeout box. The entire top-section is there in order to provide a mechanical feeling as most of the main button switch is simply springs and hollow space underneath half of the touchpad

Mechanical keyboards are typically equipped with traditional metal conductors that complete a circuit and indicate when you have reached the end of a key’s travel. Razer Optomechanical switch runs on beams of light to take action with the same input, as a result being faster than traditional electrical switches.

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Razer’s new key switches were designed to be a hybrid of its own classic clicky Razer Greens and Cherry MX Blue, the most popular keyboard switch in use on esports PCs. The Optomechanical switch also offers a 3.5mm actuation point and 1.5mm travel distance that’s nearly on par with Cherry MX Speed Silver’s 3mm actuation point and 2mm travel distance.

Razer s Optomechanical switch may appear just like a terrifying chimera in some recoverable format, nonetheless it all works beautifully used. The blend of optical switches and a brief mechanical actuation amounts to your swiftest typing experience yet. Even with the Optomechanical switch, one type of keyboard switch that is explained by Logitech as a hybrid of mechanical and optical switches because it provides tactile feedback similar to a traditional clicky feel but without all the noise.

A keyboard may not seem like a life-changing tech purchase, but the Razer Huntsman Elite is faster than most and that means something.

The Huntsman Elite excels with fast pace games like Spider-Man and Overwatch. In particular, the keyboard is great for Hammond’s Wrecking Ball character in Overwatch to create circular death cyclones around capture points.

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The Optomechanical switch reduces travel distance by about 30%, increasing key actuation speed in some cases. It also lasts twice as long – reportedly up to 100 million clicks.

One downside to the optical system is that each and every key produces its own laser. With 104 individual lasers stabbing away, along with all of the Huntsman Elite RGBs, it’s hard for a keyboard this one to not use double USB ports at any given time.

Final verdict: Cherry MX Speed or any other keyboard switch can t compare with the effectiveness of Razer s Optomechanical switches. The Razer Huntsman Elite may be one of the best-looking keyboards yet designed for PC typing layouts.

The keyboard is the only downside, as it does consume a lot of energy. It t also take two USB ports at the same time which means that there are even less options for future devices. The ergonomics could also be altered slightly so that doesn’t cover where your palm sits while you’re typing.

Best Razer Huntsman Elite Keyboard It’s not a terrible price for an amazingly good keyboard.

Although the Huntsman Elite might be a bit pricey, it certainly deserves your money.