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Chapter 1. Pellet Grill Reviews

Chapter 2. What is a Pellet Grill?

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Why you need to trust us

I love cooking meat over fire. It’s among my greatest joys in life. Cooking over mesquite wood or charcoal flames are the best, but I’ll happily grill with gas as well. I first got to work as an adult at a restaurant where I was assigned the task of cooking on the wood-fired grill. Despite this, I managed to keep myself occupied and enjoyed my job tremendously for 2 ½ years before finally moving onto a new position. Every evening I walked out of your restaurant a smokey mess, and was soothed by the smell.

Previous to my current position, I was a line cook for over twenty years and now as Senior Writer for Wirecutter. I am responsible of reviewing grills (gas, charcoal, and portable) as well as cooking tools and appliances in the kitchen.

Exactly what is a pellet grill?

A pellet grill is often electrical smoker that enables you to make slow-smoked barbecue without guesswork and babysitting like in more traditional cooking methods. Rather than wood and charcoal, the grill uses pellets created from sawdust for fuel. You set the grill to a certain temperature, and it automatically dispenses pellets as needed to heat the cooking chamber for slow smoking.

Pellet grills cook food through the use of heated pellets.
Replaced: The grill *grinds* pellets sitting in a hopper into small pieces and then heats them up before they reach the fire pot inside the grill, where heat conductive rods will eventually ignite it.
Changed “The pelts are used to maintain the temperature I could load my grill with pellets the night before and have a beautifully smoked brisket by morning, without ever having to awaken and tend coals every so often.

While pellet grills don’t allow for the same ring as a traditional grill, they’re great for roasting and smoking. Pellet grills are actually smokers, and are great for cooking slow-and-low barbecue: think brisket, ribs, whole chicken, or pulled pork. You can even use them as a patio oven; just keep in mind that whatever you make will pick up a smoky taste-Traeger has recipes for braises, roasts,

Compared to an offset firebox or bullet smoker, pellet grills are costly but also significantly better to use. There’s a lot of room for learning from mistakes when mastering a normal smoker; with a pellet grill, one can save many unsuccessful briskets. However, a pellet grill also produces meat with milder flavors so if you are used to super smoky barbecue meats, you may enjoy our runner-up choice.

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How exactly we picked and tested

We wanted to be able to explore whether or not Traeger deserves the hefty prices on their smokers outside of our testing. That turned out to be a difficult task because the other pellet grills we tried-the Camp Chef SmokePro Deluxe and Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone, are ancillary products which don’t have many reviews and Based on test results, we think the answer is yes.

The Traeger Pro 575 was the only pellet grill that we’ve tested given its entry-level features. The Pro 575 is not your typical affordable pellet grill. It still includes some simpler models, but it also features modern features like accurate temperature control and a wireless connection to your phone or speaker for better sound quality.

Before we even opened the first bag of pellets, we evaluated how straightforward the assembly manual was to follow and where the skill level needed.

Due to the fact we never shy away from torturing ourselves, we made a decision to first test brisket on pellet grills. Brisket is arguably the most difficult cut of meat to smoke because it should be maintained at a low heat for 12 hours or even more according to size in order for meat become moist and juicy. We bought whole briskets (packer cut) and trimmed the fat caps by using Daniela Gorny, associate managing editor at Wirecutter (and the best barbecue buddy a woman could ask for). We seasoned the briskets with salt and pepper and let them smoke from 225 degrees Fahrenheit until they reached an interior temperature of 165 F to 170 At this point, the briskets hit a barbecue stall. They were wrapped in foil and cooked at 275 degrees in an electric grill for another 4-5 hours until they reached 190° to 200° Fahrenheit on the inside.

For the next test, we smoked two large bone-in pork shoulders in each pellet grill. We wished to observe how the pellet grills performed when fully packed with large cuts of meat. Trimming was not an issue for brisket, but even though smoking pulled pork is a little easier: You don t have to trim all of the We also smoked the pork using our same process as we did with the brisket.

In a bonus round, we smoked three whole chickens. They were the last dish to be tried on three different grills—Z Grills Wood Pellet Smoker, Traeger Pro 575 and Weber Grill 22 inch Joe vs Joes Racing Edition Camouflage—in order to fully determine where they ranked in terms of performance.

Throughout the complete test, we monitored the temperatures inside pellet grills with ThermoWorks four-channel BBQ alarm thermometer. For every grill grate position, we set a probe in both back corners and placed it on either side of center (near heat). we also watched closely how quickly the grills consume pellets and just how much smoke they release.

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What to anticipate

You want to test the Camp Chef SmokePro DLX pellet grill, which claims to hold temperature much better than previous generations. Weber introduced its pellet grills, the SmokeFire series, in early 2020. Client reviews are mixed but we ll investigate to see which models are worth testing for an update to this roundup. We re also likely to delve into other brands of pellet grill to see what’s out there for comparison. Do you use a pellet grill?