5 Best Panasonic FZ2500 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Offer 2021

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2500 ($1,199.99) can be an enticing camera for professional cinematographers and videographers because of its capability to deliver similar features found in the popular video camera, the Panasonic GH4. Panasonic has release the FZ2500, a new 4K video-capable camera that also has built-in neutral density filters and an incredibly fast autofocus system

After editing: Add support for an external microphone and variable in-lens neutral density, 4K capture, and incredibly fast autofocus, Panasonic released the FZ Though its lens performance is mostly reliable and image quality is always high, the Panasonic FZ2500 is a mediocre travel camera in other departments. Buyers who are less concerned with still photography and more about video may be best suited for another Editors Choice: the Sony RX10 III as it shoots phenomenal videos while retaining a robust set of features. Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are opportunities to find great deals on items for the whole family.

I. Introduction
II. Benefits of a Panasonic FZ2500 Camcorder
III. The Camera and Manual Controls
IV. Sample Videos

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The Panasonic FZ2500 appears to be a beefed up version of the company’s other 1-inch superzoom, the FZ1000. Its lens has a 24-480mm range as opposed to the 25-400mm field of view on the FZ1000. At 4.0 by 5.4 by 5.3 inches and

The best thing about this camera is that it’s lightweight. The lens isn’t heavy and the weight of the camera isn’t either. Plus, with a collapsible internal zoom design, you can adjust focal length without adjusting your position to reach your desired angle. The Panasonic FZ2500 is very similar to the FZ1000, but it has a polycarbonate body without any weather-sealing. Construction for the Sony RX10 III is superior as its chassis is entirely magnesium and sealed to allow for use in inclement conditions.

The lens is a 25-400mm (full-frame equivalent) f/2.8-4.5 design. It includes a greater reach than the FZ1000, yet not up to is offered from the Canon G3 X (24-600mm f/1.8-5.6) or Sony RX10 III (24 Nonetheless, it is sufficient for some purposes-it just would have been nice if the lens delivered a little more sharpness. More on that later.

Three Fn buttons on the left side of lens These controls are found in a dial at the back left side of the controller, opposite the pop-up flash and hot shoe.

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Panasonic has just announced the FZ2500 premium mirrorless digital camera. This is good news for photographers who want a high-end, lightweight travel companion that won’t cost them an arm and a leg.

The buttons are to the left of the eyecup, and they include Fn7 that toggles between EVF, rear LCD, or eye sensor functions by default. Above it is an AF/AE Lock button surrounded by a toggle switch that changes your focus mode (AFS/AFF, AFS/AFF). The Fn5 (Q.Menu) and Fn6 (Trash) will be the rear programmable buttons, joined by Play and Display controls fixed on the right side of the camera’s body. Finally, there’s a four-way joypad with a center Menu/Set button at its base.

The physical controls are supplemented by the on-screen Q.Menu, that offers you access to a picture mode and flash control among other customizations very quickly. Within the menu, you can adjust to a different modes that are most convenient for you.

Panasonic cameras have a typical control set, which is unlike other brands. To focus the camera you can tap the screen. You can even adjust settings using the main screen or EVF- dragging your finger over the display moves the point where you are focused.

There are a variety of focus modes available in the FZ2500, including face detection (automatically detects and focuses on faces), subject tracking (tracks subjects throughout shooting so they appear sharp against an out-of-focus background), 49 area (auto selects best focus automatically from 49 zones), Custom Multi (your personalized collection of focus areas from the For the most precise focus, you’ll lose some of the content on the screen-a single tap will magnify your view and allow you to use a crosshair to set your point of focus.

The trunk LCD is vari-angle, which means that it swings out and pivots in all directions. It can face forward and move all the way down to nearly be facing you. The camera s 3-inch form factor is fairly small, but the high resolution (1,040K dots) will produce a sharp picture. Touch functionality works well when taking your pictures and also allows you to swipe and pinch-zoom images when reviewing them.

The OLED EVF is the best you’re going to find on a camera of this type. It has a 2.36 million dot resolution and deliver accurate colors, contrast that manages well in difficult lighting conditions, and a fast refresh rate for shooting under typical indoor light

Wi-Fi is built in. Using your phone, (RAW transferring isn’t supported) you can transfer these images to a smartphone and use them as an alternative remote using the Wi Fi connection. There are tons of features including modifying the focal length, tap “point” or focus on something in the next room, allocating a manual mode or anything

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There are ports to connect a wired remote control, headphone and microphone, or micro HDMI. A USB charger is not included because the FZ2500 doesn t support it. ICDPA has rated the maximum number of shots with battery use as being 350 using both an LCD display or 270 from an EVF A camera shoots even better footage under good light, or when its contrast and brightness levels are artificially enhanced.

The FZ2500 is quite swift. It starts, focuses, and fires in about 1.3 seconds, an excellent mark considering that its big lens must extend if it is powered on. Autofocus is nearly instant in ample light Subsequent, it has a full-time electronic zoom that is superior to the optical zooming on some other models. A totally different sort of outlying picture quality relates to this kind of digital zoom; when you are zooming completely in focus confirmation might be instantaneous also without using up too much power from your battery, but the lens may take approximately The Panasonic FZ2500, with its 1-inch sensor, takes an eternity to autofocus at max zoom compared to the Canon G3X.

Burst shooting is a solid point. The FZ2500 shoots at 11.3fps when capturing JPG files, and about 10.6fps in Raw format with fixed focus. It has an ample buffer-you’ll get 32 Raw+JPG, 35 Raw, or 100 JPG shots before the camera slows down. When you choose continuous focus, shooting rates drop to 7.1fps–and the hit rate is still high.

Panasonic s 4K Photo mode is ideal for capturing the perfect moment. This mode captures up to 30 frames per second, ensuring you don’t miss anything. Additionally, it supports focus bracketing which ensures every shot is in focus and a burst of images which are all focused at different points. The Drive Mode dial is used to access both of these.

I used Imatest to check on the level of sharpness in the panasonic fz2500 s lens and found it underwhelming. At 24mm f/2.8 it can pass our 1,800-line threshold of sharpness, but just barely (1,857 lines). The center of the images are crisp, but edges and corners lack detail, appearing about 1,600 lines. The somewhat fuzzy images should not be too distracting since you have to get really close to see the difference.