5 Best Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Laptop Deals On Amazon (Black Friday 2021)

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a great laptop. The Redmond, Wash.-based Windows maker has become one of the more bold tech companies in recent years. Microsoft doesn’t seem to be afraid of being out there and trying new things ― for better or worse. Witnessing their journey with this painless Pro 3 is a perfect example.

Best Deals For Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Laptop On Amazon ( Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales)

The company has been insisting for some time that there’s something wrong with tablets and is, therefore, popularizing a product that might challenge the laptop. Microsoft’s new Pro 3 tablet is surprisingly good for both laptop use and tablet functionality.

Microsoft was so adamant about the Surface Pro 3 that not only did it directly compare the device to Apple’s iPad Air and 13-inch MacBook Air but also gave members of the press pre-release tablets at an event. Sure, the units might have bugs at this time, but who cares?

Though my intention was good, bugs remained in the device. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is not all done and on the market until June 20, 2015. I don’t care about any future releases coming to market on that day because the purity of these devices continues to be true.

Manufactures of laptops, HP, and Dell spoke to

1. Introduction
2. The History of Microsoft Surface Pro 3
3. Design and Display
4. Camera and Storage
5. Performance
6. Conclusion

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Recent developments

Going on 3 years now, the top Pro 3 is in no way obsolete, though it really is much harder to come across. That s because, back in February 2017, the Microsoft Store stated that they wouldn’t carry the top Pro 3 any longer starting January 2018 2017.

Microsoft teased us with the Windows RT, but it wasn’t a long-term solution. A new lighter OS called ‘Windows 10 Cloud’ might be on its way soon!

Calling itself “gorgeous” in a tweet about the new Surface Laptop, Microsoft just revealed their newest offering to take on Google ChromeOS. The Windows 10 Cloud is coming at Microsoft event on May 2nd and we can’t wait to see what it brings.


Microsoft bumped the top Pro touchscreen from a little 10.6 inches to a much larger 12 inches, increasing pixels per inch by almost 8% up to 207 PPI.

what sets the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 apart from other tablets are its size and aspect ratio. The screen is 12 inches, which makes it both smaller and wider than most tablet screens.
The 16:9 aspect ratio of tablets offers little wiggle room for design because if you make them any bigger they would literally have to cover your whole face like a This hardware change was designed to make the tablet feel like your average notepad when held in portrait orientation.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 lives up to the hype. It is sleek, handsome and potentially one of the most premium laptops available on the market today. The laptop can be found in both thinner and lighter than before Furthermore, the tablet’s upper half is edged by vents on its edges to dissipate heat pushed out by its fan.

Though the device s glass bezel is silky smooth and still very thick, Microsoft relocated the Windows home button to a better location on its left side. As a result, it appears underneath of the slate when held upright while you’re riding in an elevator or subway train, inviting you to use it again since its light enough for you to carry with

The Surface Pro 3 features two cameras, one on each side. The rear-facing camera supports stills up to 1080p and the front-facing camera is good for video conferencing.

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This Surface isn’t without its sidekick(s)

Microsoft solved the problems with its Pro 3 keyboard by improving it, and they’ve come back again with an even better version. The best improvements to the Surface Pro are new features like deeper travel on its keys and a wider glass trackpad that actually clicks.

There are a number of improvements, but one stand-out feature is the new double hinge. This allows users to flip the display screen all the way around as if it were a tablet while still using it as a laptop (built with magnets). this proved to create writing on my lap a lot more stable than with previous Surface devices. (Plus, the plush cover will come in five colors: red, blue, cyan, black and purple.)

The Surface keyboard can also boast a newly improved pen. Microsoft made it clear in its marketing campaign that this was the stylus they envisioned for the next generation of touchscreen computers, calling it a “real pen”. The slim keyboard attaches to the tablet and its near-perfect at being a more or less complete laptop replacement.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 unarguably has the look and feel of a much more expensive tablet, so that it deserves to be ranked against any other luxuriantly built laptop or tablet.

Adobe launched major updates to two of its classic design applications called Touch Workspace that is available for free to existing Creative Cloud subscribers and owners of the Surface Pro 3 with the most recent versions of Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 and Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 installed. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is more mindful of your touch and tailors many tools to your needs.

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