5 Best Jaybird Headphones Cyber Monday & Black Friday 2021 Deals

Jaybird has had a rough couple of years, but the company seems to be on the right track. Are the Vista earbuds worth the investment? Read our review to find out.


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Who’s the Jaybird Vista for?

The options for button customization are myriad.

What’s it prefer to utilize the Jaybird Vista?

The head tips keep the earbuds in place; however, their large housing can feel heavy and uncomfortable on ears that are small.

Jaybird earbuds are very versatile and provide a snug, comfortable fit. The Vista model comes with wingtip sleeves that keep the buds securely in place during exercise or other activity. I like how the angled nozzles avoid any discomfort in my ears as I wear them for long periods of time. Though the housings are deceptively large, they can cause pain after 45 minutes.

The earbuds come with a flat-button panel adorned with the Jaybird logo. On-board controls are limited, and the default settings offer basic playback and chat controls. To improve this, download the MySound software from Jaybird’s site to reassign single or double taps to other features you may want more often like rotating volume. The Jaybird Vista is easy to jam in the ear if you press buttons along either housing.

The earbuds are very stiff and don’t fit comfortably, making them difficult to shake out.

There are downsides to earbuds, though. For just one, the look is not as appealing: they are some normal looking workout headphones. I also didn’t enjoy how it took a while before they autoconnected instantly (a must-have feature for wireless earbuds). The Jaybird MySound iphone app also had features that were useful. It allowed users to upgrade firmware, find the earbuds, save EQ presets and try other user’s sound profiles. This was among the most sophisticated headphone application available in terms of design and usability.

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Will be the Jaybird Vista best for working out?

In the event that you don’t have room in your bag, the Vista can always be clipped onto the outside.

Yes! Jaybird is still an excellent choice for a headphone brand for anyone looking to use the headphones in workout scenarios. The earbuds stay securely put and never fall out, even when I was climbing or biking. I wear these earbuds at the pool to listen to music, and they’re not swimmer-friendly. But I can’t use them for more than an hour before it hurts my ears too much. Your mileage can vary greatly, but it definitely makes the Beats Powerbeats Pro more desirable.

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How long does the battery last?

Jaybird Vista earbuds are great for anyone looking to participate in rigorous activities without compromising sound quality. The charging case comes with a unique feature: 5 minutes charge will provide enough power for 1 hour of playback. The headphones were fully charged in two hours, and lasted for 10 hours on one charge.

How do you hook up the Jaybird Vista your phone?

The charging case is smaller than others, just like the Sony WF-1000XM3.

To initiate pairing, open the charging case and ensure that the LED is flashing. If it’s not, hold the internal button for two seconds before opening the Bluetooth menu on your phone and choosing Jaybird Vista. The next time you open the case and take away the earbuds, they autoconnect to your device SO THAT THEY WILL NOT NEED TO BE CONNECTED.

These earbuds come with an outdated Bluetooth firmware, so their quality of sound is slightly disappointing. The JBS1 chipset ensures a strong connection between the two ear buds and your phone but has no support for HD bluetooth codecs. The Jaybird RUN delivers a safe sound that is fine for outdoor athletes with the use of one earbud in addition to another. You are granted 10 meters of wireless connectivity before any stutters arise.

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What do the Jaybird Vista appear to be?

The Jaybird Vista has a slight emphasis on the lower end of the frequency range. Unlike archetypical workout earbuds, this makes the Vista more versatile for a wider variety of activities. I found these headphones to work well for a large number of purposes, and not just when working out.

Isolation is surprisingly good on these earbuds, but they are not noise cancelling. This might be a problem for people who run or cycle outdoors in order to hear their surroundings. Jaybird provides three pairs of ear tips that provide a custom fit. However, you have to use Jaybird’s specific sleeves which reduces the options to find third-party units with compatible sleeves.

Lows, mids, and highs

The Sundara Karma song Deep Relief, while not bad in terms of sound quality, does show a deficiency in the logic frequency separation. Towards the beginning (approximately 1:06), it is easy to tell that Oscar Pollacks vocals have their essential frequencies below 700 Hz; this usually begins the midrange emphasis. This makes his voice susceptible to auditory masking from the slightly more exaggerated low-end frequencies and certainly from the higher-pitched midrange kinds (e.g. guitar).

Some of the best sounding instruments, like guitar and piano, are appreciable with Vista earbuds. The synth keys sound good, but any reverberant detail is lost to other sounds like the drums.

Is the mic best for phone calls?

The better option is for you to utilize your smartphone’s microphone rather than the Vista’s.

I would not recommend these earbuds for conversations or business calls, as the microphone response is all over the place. This is because it cannot pick up my low frequency voice very well. Even if the mic had a neutral frequency response, it would still pick up sounds from all around. Whether you’re at home or on the move, your end-recipient will be distracted by the noise going on in your environment.
Listen to music

The redesigned AirPods Pro have an IPX4 rating and inserted nozzles that provide a more stable fit for improved sound quality.

The Jaybird Vista are among the best true wireless earbuds for a workout, but they also look great outside of the gym.

Jabra normally has some great all-purpose earbuds, and the Elite 65t is a prime example. They are IP55 dust and water resistant, with high quality sound and long battery life. A downside to the Vista earbuds is that they don’t support high-quality Bluetooth codecs, so you may experience video and audio delay in elliptical streaming. The Jabra Elite Active 75t are a good alternative. These headphones are under $200, making them substantially cheaper than the Vista. They also have a 7-hour battery life, which is 3 hours longer than Vista .

If you are an iPhone user looking for noise cancelling earbuds, it may be worth investing in Apple AirPods Pro.

Then there are workout earbuds with a totally different design philosophy, such as the Beats Powerbeats Pro or Apple AirPods Pro, both retailing for around $250. The former sports ear hooks that wrap around the trunk of the ear; these paired with angled nozzles to form a secure and comfortable fit. To last the longest, it is recommended to purchase earbuds with in-line controls and microphones, a light weight design and long battery life.
Apple s AirPods Pro provide noise canceling for more ambient sound cancellation compared to the Jaybird Vista. The coming down hurtle is that both sets of earbuds are substantially more expensive

Should you choose the Jaybird Vista?

The Jaybird Run can last up to 10 hours without a charge.

If you were disappointed with the Jaybird Run earbuds, the Vista headphones are a good upgrade. They have similar design and retain an IPX7 rating. For less than their price, you can also get the convenient JLab Epic Air Sports earphones that come with a dual-purpose charging case and touch controls. One alternative to the Jabra Elite 75t that you might want to consider is the Jaybird Vista. The price for these two headphones are similar, and you will typically like them too.