5 Best iRobot Roomba 690 Vacuum Cleaner For Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales 2021

Suction that dirt, Roomba. This new model of Roomba vacuum cleaner strives to be cost-effective and easy to use with the help of an iPhone app. But while this Roomba performs satisfactorily, there are better options available at this price.

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The Roomba 690 robot vacuum features a circular design that measures 13 inches in diameter with ample plastic bumpers around the edge. The three main buttons located in the heart of the 691 are labeled: Clean, Spot and Home to send it back home if needed.

The Wi-Fi, battery and troubleshooting lights illuminate above the physical buttons when needed. An unobtrusive black homing beacon sticks up slightly from the prominent on top. A gleaming recessed carrying handle makes it easy to carry between floors.

the IRobot Roomba 690 stood at 3.7 inches tall while the Eufy 11S is 2.85 inches-tall. Despite its height, the Roomba 690 managed to easily sweep up crumbs from our kitchen cabinets that were nowhere to be found with regular vacuuming Though it didn’t fit under a low-clearance couch, the Roomba 690 confidently disappeared under two living-room chairs.

The 690 features two large, springy wheels and a small wheel. An rubber-finned roller aids with debris removal along with a bristle brush. In the front of the vacuum there is a side brush with three arms. The dustbin slides out from here and using this button that was surprisingly easy to depress, so I had to be very careful not to accidentally release it.

The Roomba’s low profile is small and lightweight, but it did not have built-in cord storage. During testing the vacuum got stuck on cords once because they were left lying around. The second time, the vacuum pushed the base down enough that it could no longer dock at all.

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App and Setup: Supereasy

The Roomba 690 states that a sufficient location for the base is an area that has at least 1.5 feet on either side and at least 4 feet in front of it, which is much smaller than what Shark Ion recommends. The Eufy RoboVac 11S needs a lot more space: 3 feet on the sides and backward.

The Roomba 690 needs Wi-Fi connectivity and a phone to work. The smartphone app works on both iPhone and Android, providing you easy access to the vacuum’s inner workings
If you can manually activate a cleaning by pressing the big Clean button on the vacuum, the true Roomba action originates from the companion i The Roomba 690 makes happy, video game-like noises before its robotic female voice announces it s connected.

The app offers a dashboard layout that mimics the Roomba 690’s buttons, but it also provides information on cleaning status and battery-charge level. Along underneath are options for history, performance, and setup scheduling. The Roomba 690 can be set up to clean on a repeating schedule anywhere from once a week to 7 days.

Although the Roomba 690 lacks a traditional remote, it can still be controlled by voice commands. Google Home and Amazon Alexa both have integration with the Roomba app; through IFTTT you can also link up other smart devices to control your Roomba remotely.

iRobot sells replacement parts for the Roomba 690, which helps you maintain and repair your robot rather than tossing it in a landfill.

Performance: Careful cleaner

Unlike the Shark Ion, the Roomba 690 offers only one cleaning setting: Clean. However, it does boast a patented three-stage cleaning system that Roomba promises provides “deep cleaning.”

We set the Roomba 690 loose on the first floor of a residence with a mostly open flooring plan. The vacuum moved through hardwood floors, carpets and doormats, since it covered time income room, dining region, kitchen area as well as bathroom.

We were impressed with how well it maneuvered around the dining area and kitchen pieces. Only when its path is blocked does it get stuck, never at any point does it ever cease moving. irobot roomba 690

The Roomba was more thorough than both the iRobot 11s and Ion Robot since it searched for every nook and cranny, then carefully worked to avoid these tight spots.

Even though the Roomba 690 lacked some key features that we desired, it still sweated in picking up our dirt. A problem with the Shark Ion was that it did not sell well.

However, where we found a more positive relationship between price and retail counter space was for Nestlé Professional.

During its second run, the 690 made a quick in-and-out trip to the bathroom and found its way over to the fireplace. The Shark Ion Robot followed suit, skipping both areas on its first attempt. Once the RoboVac 690a has hesitated for a few moments on the hearth, it then continues to work.

The vacuum collected most of the items in its path, such as when it sucked up a dead leaf and some little bits left over from an old dog toy, but missed other elements from these things. The Roomba 690 pushed away the particles that it also picked up, yet the RoboVac 11S snagged and embedded them into its

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After cleaning, we noticed the three-armed side brush of the Roomba 690 had strands of hair wrapped around it. The rubber wheel axles also had thick bits of dust and hair stuck in them, but that gunk was simple to remove with a sharp pull. iRobot includes instructions for removing the roller wheel to help dislodge debris.

After commanding the robot to return to its base via the app, we pointed out that it took an extremely circuitous route. The vacuum was about 8 feet from the bottom, but rather than turning left, it headed right first and returned past our dining area table before finally winding its way back home again — cleaning all along.

All is well until you try to empty it. The Roomba 690 seems easy enough to release; the bin swings open, allowing everything inside to fall into the garbage can below.
However, extracting it from under all of that dirt is a much more daunting task. One drawback to this device is that scattering dust bunnies is more complicated than just pushing the button. This may not cause a huge cloud of dust, but those who are sensitive or allergic should avoid inhaling when cleaning out their Roomba 690.