5 Best iRobot Braava 380T Vacuum Cleaners Black friday & Cyber monday 2021

We know that iRobot makes a mean robot vacuum, however the $260 Braava 380t is something completely different. There s no suction upon this little bot, no brushroll, no bin. However it works similarly to how people clean their floors with reusable or disposable cloths wet or dry. More vacuums are available

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The Braava is a $74 million acquisition of Evolution Robotics, creators of the Mint robotic floor mop. The rebranded and redesigned robot removes dust, dirt, hair, and grime from any hard surface while being whisper-quiet. I found the Braava 380t to be whisper-quiet, but I’m not so sure about its cleaning power. There are some features missing that I really liked with my Roomba, like self recharging and scheduled cleanings. While the Braava 380t is a capable and efficient cleaner that’s excellent for daily jobs, it lacks the power to be truly impressive.

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The Braava is an attractive, sleek vacuum cleaner. It’s quite quiet compared to other models, which makes it a great choice for those with sensitive hearing or who have difficulty sleeping through loud noises. Setting the robot to clean without needing you to be in the same room means that all you need it so set it and walk away.

The Braava 380t is smaller than other bots, weighing just 4lbs (1.8kg). This makes it lightweight and easy to pick up again. You won’t have an issue starting a cleaning cycle or returning the Braava to its charging base on your own since it can’t navigate without help.

The Braava’s handle is situated on a single side, so that it is simple to carry. My only complaint about the Braava is the fact that it is designed to be charged with nodes mounted on a vertical charging dock. for this reason, you can’t use the handle should you be withdrawing it out of your dock. it’s a minor flaw given how lightweight the Braava is, but nevertheless, top-mounted handle would have been an improved choice.

Talking about the charging dock, its vertical alignment is different from what we ve seen in other Roombas — which all align horizontally while charging. This means that the Braava takes up a lot less living area when it rests, making it simple to hide behind your couch.

You need to put the Braava back in its charging position once your floor is clean, which lessens some of the appeal of buying a vacuum cleaner.

While I loved the cleaning itself, I was somewhat disappointed by the Braava system. To help it navigate to better clean your home, you should place a North Star Navigation Cube in areas that you want cleaned. The cube serves as a navigational reference point for the Braava, allowing you to clean multiple rooms at once.

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The Braava robot is designed with three buttons: one for dry mopping, one for wet mopping, and someone to turn the thing on / off. Mopping modes have their own distinct cleaning heads. The dry mop head features a disposable Swiffer cloth style (plus the included microfiber towel), while the wet head includes a

Changing the head is easy, as are changing the cloths. The wet cleaning head has fine Velcro-like pads to carry your cloth sets and the dry cleaning head has grooves so that you can tuck them in securely.

Once you’ve configured the cleaning head, the Braava 380t does everything else for you. Once it’s finished vacuuming, the robot will go back to return in your neighborhood and play a jingle notifying you that it is full.

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Compared against all of the other floor cleaners that we’ve tested, Braava needs more hands-on interaction and a lot more than I would like from an automated cleaner. With the Roomba, I could leave for work each day with crumbs on my carpet and get back to completely clean floors without ever having thought twice. this is not true of the Braava

Granted, this style of the Braava costs significantly less than the higher-end Roomba we tested (the most recent style of which now costs a lot more than twice of what you ll invest in the 380t). Still, considering that it bears the iRobot name, I didn t find it to be as intelligent or feature rich as

This robot has a lot of features, but does it really clean well? So we ran a test on 3 different floor surfaces: hardwood, vinyl, ceramic tile.

To see how well it could clean up spills, we tested the Braava against dried mud on tiles, spaghetti sauce smears and oil spatters.

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For moderate needs, the Braava 380t is an excellent device. Though it cleans adequately on account of its HEPA filter and should be run nightly to maintain moderate dirtiness in a flooring prone house, there are still pretty considerable grievances one might claim against it that make it not justified regardless of whether. The Braava is designed for maintenance-type cleaning. There’s no way to schedule this robotic cleaner, as with other models, so you will need to manually start the robot and recall it afterwards each time you want it clean.

While I enjoy being a “hands-on” parent, the task of cleaning is so tedious that even if it s robotic, micromanaging defeats the purpose. You want floors to be clean without needing to think about it or remember to take action. Otherwise, you are replacing one chore with another.