5 Best iBUYPOWER Gaming PC Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

After looking up the company, I found that ibuypower has been around since 1999 and is known for partnering with large gaming teams and manufacturers.

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The RDY ELIBG207 feels like the natural evolution of this legacy, a high-end machine that’s targeted at gamers but priced to appeal also to PC elite who could know how to build PCs themselves. It is one of the better gaming PCs on the market, a prebuilt focused on some key top-shelf performance elements that trims fat where appropriate to provide a plug-and-play machine that easily rivals a DIY PC but, almost unbelievably, actually costs less. The PCPartPicker.com project page for the ELIBG207 lists a DIY price of around $2700. The iBuyPower store page, however, shows the DIY price at nearly $3000. For just $2599, the RDY is in fact one of the most reasonably priced gaming computers of its ilk.

The RDY s chasis is a standard size tempered glass case, complete with an understated logo. The left panel is another beautiful pane of tempered glass held set up by four thumbscrews, and grating at the top aluminum panel lets you see their ventilation fan ringed in RGB light. It’s a sleek black and glass case with rainbow colored light on the motherboard. The XPG Spectrix RAM is also an attractive white color to match the other components. In a dark room, the RDY appears like a futuristic cube aglow with a wide variety of hypnotic light.

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There’s no need for tools when accessing the interior of this PC: simply remove four screws from the tempered glass panel to unlock it and access the motherboard, two more screws on the trunk of the aluminum right panel enable you to remove it and reach any component in there, and just pop off those hard drive bay clips dangling out in an easy-access It is simple to get started and begin tinkering with the Elmtech ELSBGA207, already leaving you a lot of head room for upgrading its powerful setup. With modern AAA games requiring so much storage space, it’s likely you’ll need extra drives at some point. You’ll enjoy the added SATA and M.2 slots on the Z270GT9.

The only minor complaint I have with the interior of the unit is that there are no screw-appropriate trays included to put any hard drives into. While it can support two, I feel like limiting customers to four storage devices (two on each tier) while they could quite easily house six.

Upon examining the Intel G4500 processor,

The RDY ELIBG205 has the Core i9-9900K, 2080 Ti to handle games at 4K Ultra. Most games ran around 60 FPS on best settings with this beast, and even Metro Exodus stayed comfortably above 30 FPS at 4k Extreme with ray tracing turned on. The RDY returned a 3D Marks score of 16,257 at Extreme (1440p) and 8,434 Ultra (4K). This is compared to the Corsair Vengeance 5180 that only costs $200 less. The Vengeance was able to manage 12,515 on Extreme and 6,522 on Ultra. I spent about 20 hours in post-apocalyptic DC as Ubisoft’s first-person shooter, The Division 2, delivered consistently smooth 50+ FPS throughout.

Alienware’s Aurora R8 ($2,774.99) was easily outperformed by the RDY in my testing. It couldn’t deliver anything more than 30 FPS at 4K resolutions. In order to be able to rely on productivity and gaming at the same time this exceptionally powerful 9th Gen processor created by IBUYPOWER has been mated with a strong GPU capable of a higher FPS than its competitors.

The RDY comes with a keyboard and mouse that can tide you over if you plan on upgrading to higher quality equipment later on. The PSU is high-rated, modular, and built to last. With a pair of USB ports on the front and another six on the back, gamers will never need to worry about being without a connection.

The RDY ELIBG207 is a great pre-built desktop, delivering not only outstanding power but exceptional value. Most manufacturers can build a computer with high-end parts that performs well at 4K Ultra; it is incredibly rare to see them at this low price point, even less than the cost of putting everything together yourself. Even beyond the raw power and attractive price, this gaming PC provides some very nice features and a higher ceiling for future proofing.

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The specs on the iBuyPower RDY ELIBG205 can be obtained by hovering your cursor over the “Specifications” tab.

An exceptionally powerful gaming PC for an incredibly low price, with a lovely case, attractive lighting, plus some great upgradeability.

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