Best Garmin Edge 20 & 25 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The Garmin Edge 20 offers simple GPS tracking and a decent battery life. There are great Black Friday deals on Garmin Edge 20 25 bike computer with $180 off.

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Get Huge Discount on Garmin Edge 20 & 25 in Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales + Deals)

When it comes to fitness tracking, the expensive Edge 25 GPS cycling computer is superior because of its ANT+ and Bluetooth compatibility. For others, the limited ability of the Edge 20 to view workouts after you’ve ridden may make it seem like a bad investment over time.

One distinguishing factor between the Edge 20 and the Edge 25 is that while one has a touchscreen, the other does not. The two devices function similarly, so if you’re looking for a GPS cycling computer which allows you to easily track a few basics like speed, distance and elevation with ease of uploading to Garmin Connect or third-party training tools like St And since it doesn’t need any wires, installing the Edge to different bikes is easy.

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Mounting the unit to your stem is easy with Garmin’s own mounting hardware, and it will work with many third-party options as well.

The battery is charged with a special cradle that connects to the computer, and the USB lead also uploads your activities to the internet. The more expensive Edge 25 enables you to sync it with a compatible smartphone via Bluetooth, so you can upload rides without going anywhere near a computer. Garmin Edge 20 battery life is an impressive eight hours.

The display is crisp and displays the information you need when riding. Switching between screens during a ride is simple and straightforward.

When the device powers on, press the OK button. To scroll up and down through menus, use either the lower left or right buttons. The HOME screen of the Edge 20 has Ride preloaded. Scroll down if you need to gain access to previous rides or adjust any settings.

The Edge 20 does not have a navigation system, but you can download a route from for an idea of where to bike.

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The Edge 20 is an wonderful GPS cycling computer that s simple to use, light, compact and with a fantastic battery life. However the insufficient ANT+ and Bluetooth compatibility does make the excess 30 for the edge 25 a better buy if you need in order to harness heartrate or cadence data.

However, before you buy a Garmin heartrate monitor, it’s worth consideration if you already have one. If not, a typical strap will cost anywhere from $25 to $60 on top of the Garmin head unit which is typically between $199-279 If you’re unsure if you’ll want to use a heart-rate monitor, the Edge 20 may be sufficient. If you know that someday you will want one, buying an Edge 25 now is better.

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this is a compact bike computer, but it doesn’t have Bluetooth or ANT+ compatibility.

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