5 Best Corsair K70 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals on Amazon 2021

The Corsair K70 RGB Mk.2 is the successor to the original K70, which sported a sleek design, real Cherry MX switches and a colorful selection of rainbow backlights. Over time of fine-tuning the look, these keyboards have released their newest edition; one that was not only met with mixed reviews but also great success when it Black Friday has arrived and this Corsair keyboard is the best of the discount.

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Get Huge Discount on Corsair K70 in Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales + Deals)

The K70 RGB Mk.2 is beautiful, functional and innovative, but its $180 price might be a deterrent for some buyers. What makes this keyboard such a great investment is its durable chassis and high-quality mechanical switches.

Unless you are holding out for Corsair s upcoming wireless mechanical gaming keyboard, it is difficult to assume an improved peripheral compared to the K70 RGB.

Design The K70 RGB Mk.2 is nearly identical to the less costly Corsair Strafe RGB Mk.2, and both are full-size keyboards–17 x 6 without a wrist rest or 17 x 9 with it. The attractive black chassis has virtually no wasted space, and is actually an inch smaller than many similar peripherals.

Other than the chassis being made of aluminum instead of plastic, what sets this keyboard apart from the Strafe is that it’s more durable. The K70 Mk.2 has a sleek, elevated design that makes it look right at home in both a gaming setup and an office desk environment.

A full media control system is included, and the K70 RGB Mk.2 has a USB pass-through as well as some buttons for game mode locks, brightness adjustments and profile changes. Uniquely textured keys create a more immersive experience.

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The K70 RGB Mk.2 offers users both Cherry MX and other premium brands of switches, without sacrificing any features.

Incorrect: best corsair k70 keyboard However, the options are generally limited for reasons unknown; even when you get a gaming keyboard like the Strafe that offers two different key-switch types.

The K70 RGB Mk.2 is among the absolute best keyboards I ve reviewed this year, as it has five different switches to pick from: Speed, Red, Brown, Silent and Blues. It could take a lot of time to go into detail about the differences between these switches; suffice it to state that you are almost guaranteed to love at least

With a variety of different switch types, the K70 Mk.2 is perfect for any gamer. This includes linear switches, which are quieter, as well as clicky ones that are louder and tactile.

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Compared to regular Logitech Romer-G switches, Cherry MX Blues are rated at 116 words per minute with three errors. This data should be taken with a grain of salt however because they’re not the only option for the K70 Mk 2.

If you ve been following, I ve given both criticism and praise to the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software. Having used it for some time now, I find myself leaning towards the former more than latter.

Having a responsive keyboard can mean the difference between you winning and losing in games. The Corsair K70 has this kind of quality with its keys that are springy and comfortable, making it easier to play Overwatch. It’s true that there is a learning curve to get used to CUE, but when you do everything becomes much more intuitive However, once you understand the extensive adjustable lighting options, you may do some really cool things with it. You can also set up profiles for individual games or record macros to re-program almost every key. There are three built-in profiles, but you can create as many as you want and save them on a computer.

CUE makes it easy to customize the lighting scheme, and there are a number of pre-programmed settings that can be used. I like creating unexpected waves or patterns as they ripple across my keyboard when I type.Static colors may also be attractive at night if you want your typing experience to be quiet.

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I had the most fun with gradients when I customized them. A timer-based gradient allowed me to cycle through a light blue, dark blue and purple, merging three of my favorite colors into my keyboard scheme.

Performance With this keyboard, I easily shot foes in Overwatch and managed my base in StarCraft. The keyboard favors a definite genre over another, and the media keys make it easy to play your selected music or podcasts in-game as long as you’re grinding for experience points.

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This K70 Mk.2 is really close to an ideal gaming keyboard as I could currently imagine. For those who prefer dedicated macro buttons, the Corsair K95 might be a better option. The K70 Mk.2 is less than perfect for a small number of gamers, but because you can reprogram any button and program macros on the CUE software, there are ways to overcome these shortcomings.

For all of the keyboard s faults – its high price and lackluster software, for instance – Corsair’s latest is a practically flawless gaming peripheral. The business’ upcoming wireless offerings should be promising as well. I could see that they’ll spend more considering wiring in future products, but their K70 Mk2 is already as close to an ideal gaming keyboard as

The Corsair K70 RGB Mk.2 offers a variety of beautiful keyboards with helpful features and durability. It may be more expensive than some options, but it’s worth the investment to find the keyboard that best fits your needs.