Airline Apologizes to Anthony Bass’ Wife After In-Flight Incident Goes Viral

Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass has criticized United Airlines for making his pregnant wife clean up popcorn spilled by their daughter during a flight. The incident occurred on a recent United Airlines flight, where Bass’s wife was traveling alone with their two children.

According to Bass’s tweet, the flight attendant asked his wife to clean up their toddler’s popcorn mess, saying the flight would not take off if she didn’t. Bass expressed his disappointment with United Airlines on social media, tweeting, “Nice job being sympathetic to a woman in distress, United.”

The tweet has since gone viral, with many Twitter users expressing their support for Bass and his family. However, some users argued that the parent’s responsibility was to clean up after their children, not the cabin crew.

In response to the incident, United Airlines issued a statement saying, “We are disappointed to hear about this experience and have reached out to the customer directly to apologize and get a better understanding of what occurred during the flight.” The statement added, “We have zero tolerance for discrimination or harassment of any kind and will continue to investigate the situation to ensure it does not happen again.”

Despite the airline’s response, some users still call for more action, with some suggesting a boycott of United Airlines. Bass, however, clarified in a follow-up tweet that it was United Airlines who provided the popcorn, not his wife.

The incident has sparked a conversation on social media about the responsibilities of airline staff versus parents when it comes to cleaning up after children. It is unclear what actions, if any, United Airlines will take to address the situation.

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